TBS Chocomania Lip Butter [review]

I had a voucher for £3 off any Body Shop product and thought I should put it to good use. Combined with the Love Your Body card discount, this lip butter only cost me 90p! The Chocomania lip butter from The Body Shop's Chocomania range (and the product seems to have disappeared from the website). I love the smell of this lip butter as it reminds Terry's chocolate orange. It's similar to the chocolate and orange lip butter that TBS used to do (ages ago).

yes it has been used a fair bit! =)

The lip butter has a smooth, creamy texture and easily spreads over the lips without a sticky or greasy feeling. It does moisturise the lips, but this doesn't last very long on me and does need to be reapplied. I wouldn't recommend using this over a lipstick as the lip butter does apply in a cream colour which would mute the colour of the lipstick, but it does disappear once rubbed in. The Chocomania lip butter contains quite a few community fair trade ingredients, including cocoa butter and organic beeswax. I use this lip butter when I'm in need of some chocolate (but there's none to eat in the house). It's all the chocolate with none of the calories (it doesn't taste of chocolate). The lip butter retails at £4 for a 10ml tub, or can be bought as part of the Chocomania gift set.

Has anyone else tried something from the Chocomania range? What were your thoughts?



  1. This sounds amazing! I think i'd just want to lick my lips all the time though haha. I have the mango lip butter which is really nice too, it does need to be reapplied a lot though x

    1. So true! I have been licking my lips quite a lot! Oooh I love mangoes so will definitely have to check that one out =)

  2. Oh wow, never even knew about this. I'm a big fan of The Body Shop Lip Butters myself so I'm definitely going to see if I can get a hold of this :)


    1. Definitely check it out! They have a whole Chocomania range which is tempting me =)


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