Project 10 Pan: Take II #8

Whoops! I haven't been blogging as regularly as I used to. Mostly because I've started another work placement which takes up most of my week (no more post-exam hibernation at home). Also, I've nearly reached the end of P10P Take II *yay* although the no buying products during P10P has gone out of the window (don't worry, it's only essentials and one tiny treat to myself).

In other news, I have over 100 followers on GFC! Hello everyone! I'll be posting a giveaway soon so keep a lookout for that blog post, and in the meantime see what product #8 is on P10P below =)

The Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish is the 8th product to have been finished. I only use C+P when I have a full face of makeup (mostly for special occasions, events, evenings out etc.) so I don't use it very often. which is why it has lasted since September! I will definitely be repurchasing this the next time I am in John Lewis, as it removes all of my makeup without irritating my skin and gently exfoliates at the same time. Check out my in depth review here =)

Have you tried Cleanse and Polish? What do you think of the product?


Hijabi Threads + (semi) OOTD [review]

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Last Saturday I popped down to the Hope for Syria fundraiser, which was held not to far from me. The first stall that I came across was Hijabi Threads. I had been meaning to purchase a few of their hijabs from their Facebook page as I love the prints and they have reasonable pricing (+free p&p), but unfortuantely never got around to it. The first one to catch my eye was the Miss Ethnic Mix hijab and I didn't hesistate to buy it. I am gutted that I didn't pick up the Black Paisley maxi hijab (or the taupe version) though and will definitely be purchasing this in the future.

The Miss Ethnic Mix hijab is a blend of different patterns, from polka dots to paisleys, and the main colours are neutral (beige and black) but with hints of blue and orange, making it a very versatile scarf as it can be worn with a number of outfit colour combinations. I wore this hijab paired with a simple black abaya to a blogger meetup (we had a lovely picnic!). The weather was pretty hot that day, and this hijab was a great choice as it is very lightweight and thin, making sure that I didn't get overheated throughout the day. It was also easy to style (I added folds into my hijab style for the first time, and they didn't slip/fall out) and the lightweight fabric made it easy to drape.

photo credit to MangoWhirl =)

The Miss Ethnic Mix hijab is a standard size hijab, and I found it to be large enough to provide enough coverage at the front and back. I think this will be my new 'go to' hijab (I've already worn it 3 times this week alone) =)

Check out the Hijabi Threads facebook page here =)


What I've been up to recently

So exams have been over for two weeks now, and I've been keeping myself quite busy. From the Pearl Daisy Smiles Better event, to more recently painting canvases, making jewellery and doing more henna, I've been indulging my creative side (which I neglected over the past few months). If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably well informed of what I've been doing (I seem to Instagram everything at the moment!). Here are a few snapshots of what I've been doing in my free time (alongside everyday chores and learning to cook).

Finishing off a scrapbook for a friends birthday (this is the back page)
Trying out stencilling on a personalised canvas

My first attempt at bridal mendhi

More mendhi patterns that I've been doodling on my hand (practise makes perfect)

Making jewellery (Shamballa style bracelets)

What have you been up to recently?


Project 10 Pan:Take II #7

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The seventh product to have been used up is the Lush Ultrabalm. To see my review on this product click here. It's a savior for my dry and sensitive skin, without a super strong smell (although some people don't like it). I use this mostly on patches of eczema on my face, as well for other areas of dry skin (especially on the legs and feet). If you're looking to try this out, ask the staff at Lush for a sample when you next go in store =)

I have already repurchased this (rather than let my eczema flare up again!)


Smiles Better Fundraising Dinner

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So, last Saturday evening I volunteered to help out at the Smiles Better fundraising dinner, which was organised by Islamic Help and Pearl Daisy. I went along to do henna, but managed to get involved with a lot more! Alhamdullilah the event ran smoothly and was a success, with two fashion shows, an auction, and stalls, as well as a three course meal. It was held at The Ecology Pavillion in Mile End, which is located in Mile End Park.

For anyone who doesn't know about the Smiles Better campaign, it is a campaign which helps to provide support to victims of acid violence. The videos will explain the campaign in much better detail than I could possibly write out.

If anyone would like to donate to Islamic Help, the information on how to do so is available HERE, on their website. You can also donate via the Pearl Daisy JustGiving page (or set up your own).

I didn't manage to take many photo's during the event (as I was doing henna), but here are a few that my sister took (as she was volunteering her photography skills) =)

[all set for the event]

[it's all in the details]


You can see more pictures from the London Highlights video (see if you can spot me in the video) =)


HFW May 2012: Day 6 - Date Night

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I'm not married, so this post will be a hypothetical date night outfit. I love dressing up, as well as wearing casual and comfortable clothes. My ideal outfit: something feminine, not too OTT, but subtle and sophisticated. Another Polyvore set as the weather is not my friend today =( (my idea of taking more photographs seems to have gone away with the sunshine). A simple maxi skirt paired with a coloured top (both in a flowy chiffon fabric). Accessoried with a single ring and cuff bangle, with a lace edged hijab and lace heels =)

HFW May 2012: Day 6 - Date Night

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HFW May 2012: Day 5 - Special Occasions

Theme for Day 5 is special occasions! Just because we wear hijab does not mean that we can't dress up for special occasions. Here's my special occasion outfit, which I wore to the Smiles Better dinner, hosted by Islamic Help and Pearl Daisy (more on the event in another post). I kept the accessories minimal and simple, as the abaya is pretty blinged out with the pink diamantes and ball chain detailing. I love this abaya as it's one of those really loose free size abaya's with a belt on the inside. It's made from satin and is loose and flowy, which just makes it even more suitable for the occasion =)

Abaya and matching scarf: Gift from a friend
Shoes: Satin Ballet Flats (Debenhams)
Bag: Accessorise (tucked away in the bottom left corner)
Rings: H&M

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HFW May 2012: Day 4 - Destinations

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Day four's theme for HFW is Destinations - where would you go for fun, and what would you wear? As I graduate this year i'A, I would really like to go on holiday, but with Ramadhan coming up and the start of the academic year not too far away, these plans might be on hold for a little while. I'd love to go anywhere with a warmer climate than the UK (away from the unreliable British weather). And this would be one of the outfits I would wear whilst on holiday, maybe relaxing in the sun, or out sightseeing (and shopping of course!). I wanted to take pictures of an outfit I'd planned for the theme, however in typical UK fashion, the weather has turned against me, and so I leave you with this inspired Polyvore set of my ideal outfit to wear on a holiday in the sun =)
HFW May 2012: Day 4 Destinations

[Of course, as the kaftan is sheer, I'd wear a thin cotton/jersey maxi dress underneath]

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