Project 10 Pan #8

Okay, P10P is kinda failing at the moment seeing as I'm still purchasing makeup/skincare when I shouldn't be (I blame the sales!), but I'm still going to blog about products which have finished/hit pan. Hopefully, after P10P is over, I'll make a collective post about products that have been finished (not too sure how often though).

Anyway, the 8th products to have been used up is the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin (Original). I don't reach for Vaseline as I have so many other lip balms that I prefer using, so I was really suprised when I found myself scraping the last bit of product out. (Maybe it's because it was the only lipbalm that I kept downstairs!). Time to place another lipbalm downstairs so it can be used up =)

Only two more product's until P10P is over (although it's failed)!


Urban Decay Naked Palette

A bit late I know, but I finally got myself the Urban Decay Naked palette last week, courtesy of SamRam's blog sale (check it out here). I was debating between the Naked palette and the Naked 2 palette, but after reading (and seeing swatches) that the original Naked palette was more suited towards warmer skin tones, I decided to hunt around to see if I could get one at a lower price (unfortunately I can't justify spending £35 on an eyeshadow palette). Coincidentally, later on in that same week Sam had a blog sale from which I purchased mine. I think it's a great palette and I'm looking forward to using it a lot =)

Favourite shades: Sin, Half Baked, Smog and Toasted =)

Isn't it pretty? Thank you very much Sam! =)


Little Beauty Box - Latest in Beauty

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[Note: Long Post]

There's been an increase in the number of beauty boxes available, with the general concept being that you get to try a range of full-size and sample products, for a fixed cost every month. The most well-known beauty boxes are GlossyBox and Carmine, with others such as Jolie Box (formerly known as Boudoir Prive) and Feel Unique.

However, the longest running beauty box comes from Latest in Beauty and costs a mere £1 (which is charged to your mobile), where you get to choose 3 different samples to put into the little beauty box. I've been ordering the Latest in Beauty 'little beauty box' for quite along time (must be at least a year now!) and I love the concept. You're allowed to choose 3 different samples, each from a different section (in which there are a set number of samples). Now unlike the beauty boxes above, these are actually sample sachets/tubes so don't expect a full size product (they tell you the sample size for each product), but they are great for trying products out that you may not normally have the opportunity to try. Also, there's no subscription so you don't have to pay a monthly fee, just pay when you order a box (although for a pound, it's quite hard to not order one every month!). After you've tried out your samples (or when you order another box), you'll be asked to complete a few questions about the samples you recieved (although if you haven't used them yet, there is the option to select that you haven't tried it). The Latest in Beauty little beauty box allows you to order a sample box every 30 days.

Brands which are currently featured in the little beauty box include RENU, Crabtree & Evelyn, Lavera, Sasy n Savy, Nicky Clarke and Dr Organic (alongside others), however the products and brands are always changing so that there will be different products to choose from. In the past I've tried Mary Kay (makeup and skincare), Murad, Olay, Burt's Bees, L'Occitane, Melvita and Moa (and plenty more).

So, this is the box I ordered most recently:
Box easily fits through a standard letter box and can be recycled (love the pink colour!)

Note explaining what the samples are and a few extra leaflets about specific products

 Samples I ordered: Ginerva Whitening Marvel Gel, Sun Shots Sun Protection, Sasy n Savy Hand Creme.

This month I was a bit limited as to which products I could order, as you can only order each sample once. Although there is no sun in the UK, I thought the Sun Shot sun protection would definititely come in useful once the weather warms up a bit. The hand creme is smells more of rose than lavender, which I like and is pretty moisturising (I like to take a small amount and massage it into the cuticles). Also the small tube size means that it can easily fit into small bag or even your pocket. I haven't tried the whitening marvel gel yet, but hope to do so soon =)

Overall I do like the little beauty box from Latest in Beauty and although there have been occasions where I'm not too keen on the samples available, I'm quite happy to choose them to try out. Who knows, I might actually end up loving the product!

Latest in Beauty have recently added a luxury samples area to their website, where you can buy larger sample sizes of individual products to try out, starting from £2.00. They have also introduced themed boxes which are released 6-7 times a year and cost from £4.95 to £6.95 and include a range of sample products. Their current box is the Refresh and Recover Box which can be found here. I haven't tried these boxes yet, but hope to do so in the future =)

Hope you found this post useful (even if it is a bit long!) and let me know if you do decide to order a little beauty box =)


(By the way, this is not a sponsored post. Just my experience with LiB and their LBB) =)

in my dreams II

Products which I would love to own/wear/use. Alas such things only exist in my dreams (or in this case, aren't available in the UK yet!)

Tinted lipbalms? Yes please!
Already available in the USA and Canada, and due for release in the UK in March, I look forward to picking up these lip butters, which are said to be the perfect combination of lipbalm, lipgloss and lipstick. Not sure about the price, but they retail in the USA for around $7.50. See this blogpost by Karla Sugar for swatches of all 20 (+1) shades, in which she also includes the one shade (Macaroon) which will be exclusive to the UK =D

My favourites: Peach Parfait, Cherry Tart, Macaroon, Berry Smoothie, Sugar Plum and Pink Truffle.

Are you looking forward to the release of Revlon Lip Butters?


Hijabi Tip: Hijab Pin Storage

As a Hijabi, I am forever losing pins and buying new ones. Especially those small straight pins that never seem to stay in one place. Here's a few idea's on how to store your hijab pins so that they're easily accessible and easy to find.

#1 - Pin Cushion. I have this cute cupcake pin cushion which was purchased at the Smoky not Smudgy event back in November from Chic Hijabs and Accessories. I love the combination of deep purple velvet and the bold pink silicon case, along with the flower embellishment. This pin cushion sits on my desk and holds the pins that I use everyday as well as a few fancy stick pins. I also store my no-snag hijab pins on here, simply leave them open and poke the pin in the cushion. Before I had this, I used to stick my pins in a small cork round, but the pin cushion holds way more pins and looks a lot nicer on my desk =)

#2 - Pin Wheels. I purchased my stick pins from one of the pound shops along the High Street. I got 8 pin wheels for just £1. You might call me obsessive, but I colour co-ordinated my pin wheels so that they each hold a different colour group. This way, when I want to co-ordinate the colour of my hijab pins to an outfit, all I have to do is pull out one pin wheel! These pinwheels are stacked in a drawer in my desk so that they're out of the way, but still within reach when I'm putting on my hijab. This is also a great way to transport your hijab pins =)

#3 Mini Jars. These miniature jars used to hold seed beads, and I got them as part of a jewellery making kit from the 99p store (a few years ago). You can find similar jars at a hobby and craft supply store, apothecary supply store or on Amazon (like these). I use these to store my chain hijab pins.

#4 Votive Candle Holder. These are the perfect height for hijab pins that are really long. I simply hang the hijab pin pendant over the edge. In the middle of the candle holder, I have a mini ziploc bag which holds hair grips/bobby pins. This also helps stop the pins from falling out. The candle holder sits on my shelf and the pins with super long pendants can hang over the edge =)

#5 Trinket/Jewellery Box. I store my hair slides in a small trinket box. I don't have a huge collection of these so they fit nicely into the box. Although it is a bit of a pain when the one you want to wear is lurking at the bottom, and the box has to be emptied out. At least these pins don't have a sharp point, so there's no risk of hurting yourself =)

I hope you've found these storage ideas useful. Let me know in the comments, how do you store your hijab pins?


Blog Sale! Pandora, Sleek, Barry M, H&M

Makeup which I forget that I own, and am not likely to use in the future. There's nothing wrong with the products, it's just that I have too much makeup already!

Comment on this post with your Paypal email address and which item(s) you would like. Postage is £2.00 and 25p per additional item (maximum postage is £3.00) and will be sent via recorded delivery second class. If you have any questions, comment below or email =)

Note: If you're an international reader who really wants an item (or a few) then email me and we can discuss shipping prices (as these would be based on weight and different depending on what country you are in). International parcels will be sent via a signed for service (to ensure delivery) or if you would prefer the items to be posted via standard shipping, then prices will be considerably less, but there is no guarantee (although international mail has been good so far when delivering giveaway prizes alhamdullilah!)


Please Note:
  • First come, first served basis =)
  • Payment via Paypal only. (Paypal seems to be charging me, not sure why this is but I am not including this in the price of the items. That fee is paid by me, so you don't need to worry about it) =)
  • 24 hours to pay invoice once it's been issued.
  • Items will be posted once payment is received (You will be notified, and I will have proof of postage).
  • No returns or refunds.
  • Items are sold as seen in the images below
  • Open to negotiation =)

Sleek Eye Dusts (hardly used but no sifter on the pot)
Ooh Baby!  and  Hypnotic £2.00 each  (rrp £3.05 each) Or both for £3.00

H&M fresh mint lip balm (unused) £0.50

Barry M Glossy Tube Special Edition (unused) £1
Next Sweet Mango Lip Balm (unused and sealed) £1
H&M Disney edition Creme Brulee Lip Balm (unused) £1

Sleek Chaos Palette (some colours used lightly/swatched) £5

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks (used as seen) (rrp £4.00)
£2.50 each or Three for £6 (with one p&p)
Shades: Naked (sheen), O.M.G! (sheen), Coral Reef (sheen), bare all [sold]

Sleek Pout Paints (used once/twice, still full as only a tiny amount is needed) (rrp£4.99)
£3.50 each or All three for £9 (with one p&p)
Cloud 9 (white), Peek-a-bloo (blue), Pin Up (red)

Boxed Genuine Pandora 18cm Bracelet. Fits my wrist, but is too small once I add beads. Worn once. £35 (including signed for delivery) or nearest offer =) [UK only]


Hijabi Tip: Jumpers and Sweaters

I don't know if you've ever had this issue, when you want to wear a jumper/cardigan/sweater but the sleeves on your abaya means that your arms look bulky and it can sometimes be uncomfortable.
Easy solution? Wear a sleeveless, t-shirt style or bandeau style maxi dress, which can be worn over a basic long sleeve top if you want/need arm coverage. Because of the sweater/jumper no one will know whether you are wearing an abaya or a maxi dress. You could even pair together a maxi skirt and long sleeve top (check out MangoWhirl's blog post on 3 ways to wear a black maxi skirt for inspiration and idea's).

Below are some outfit's that are inspired by the maxi dress and jumper combination =)

Bandeau style maxi dress and a cropped jumper:

Maxi dress as an abaya 1

Vest/sleeveless maxi dress and a cropped jumper:

Maxi dress as an abaya 2

Long sleeve t-shirt maxi dress with 3/4 sleeve jacket:

Maxi dress as an abaya 3

Just a note: If the maxi dress is made of a jersey fabric, make sure to get a larger size so that it doesn't stick to you (and thus doesn't show your body shape) =)


Project 10 Pan #7

The next product which has been used up is the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Face Scrub (what a mouthful!). I can't take full credit for using this up by myself, as my sister and I both use it. We also have the Skin Energising Daily Face Scrub, as they were on offer in Superdrug when we bought them, but this one seems to have been more popular as it finished first!

This is actually a really good exfoliator for everyday use, as it does contain exfoliating beads (duh!) yet it's not harsh and abrasive on the skin. The scent is quite citrus-y and it smells refreshing, which is great for waking you up in the morning. I like to use this every other day (if I can remember to do so), but I definitely use it at least once a week, sometimes alternating with the skin energising daily face scrub. Will probably repurchase once the other one has been used up =)

What facial exfoliator are you currently using?


Sale shopping haul

So this year, I didn't go to the boxing day sales on the 26th December but waited a few days before braving the crowds. I managed to pick up some great bargains which I'll be able to use regularly (no random purchases!).

First of all I managed to find a pair of wedge heel boots! These are from Barratts and had been reduced to £20 from £42. I chose the brown pair, as I wear quite a bit of brown/neutral colours and I already have a pair of black boots.

Next on my list of purchases is a pair of grey fingerless gloves from New Look. I chose these as they allow me to use my phone and still keep my hands warm. I also picked up a long necklace from New Look which was on sale at £3. I love long necklaces as they can be worn with a hijab and be seen. Also the pink and antique gold colours work well together and I can see myself wearing this necklace a lot. I didn't really find much in Primark, however picked up a necklace for £1, which I am going to take apart and upcycle into a bag charm. I think it'll look great on one of the empty D rings on my bag (which are there for attaching the longer strap).

I did manage to pick up a Philosophy 3in1 shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel. The Christmas gift sets are currently half price in Boots, and I found this miniature tree ornament on the shelves. This particular one is Snow Angel and I look forward to using it. Lastly, I went into Lush and picked up the Snow Fairy lip tint which smells like bubblegum and is exactly like their most well known Christmas product, the Snow Fairy shower gel . This product is great as it adds a slight pink tint to the lips (even though it's really bright in the tin!) and is pretty moisturising. I ordered a few more lip tints via mail order (another Snow Fairy and two of Celebrate), one of which I am going to include in a friend's birthday present (a sort of introduction to Lush). I also picked up the Snow Fairy gift set as part of her birthday present as well (not pictured) =)

I'm still on the look out for dresses and cardigans/jackets, so my sale shopping is not completely over!

What have you picked up in the sales this year?


Project 10 Pan #6

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I have finally passed the half way mark on my P10P journey. The product which has been used up this time is the Clearasil Ultra Spot Blocker Pen (Poundland).

The Clearasil spot blocker pen was a bit meh. I used in on spots that were already formed and spots that were just under the surface ofthe skin.  I didn't like that it had a sticky texture and once dried, it was still sticky. It didn't do much for the spots either, which makes me grateful that it was only £1!

Do you have any remedies which are great for reducing spots?


in my dreams I

Products which I would love to own/wear/use. Alas such things only exist in my dreams.

The Butterfly Chiffon Jalabiya with hand embroidery ($183.00). Love the colour, the embellishments and would be perfect to wear for an occasion (layer over a long sleeve top/wear arm covers in the presence of non-mahram). Best worn at a women's only gathering to show off the embroidery, which would otherwise be covered by hijab (unless the hijab is tucked in/worn differently) =)


Pure Halal Beauty-Mineral foundation

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[Note: Long Post]

As a mineral foundation lover, I'm trying to find one that suits me the best, and one that I know won't let me down. I'm currently using E.L.F mineral foundation in Warm, however my skintone has somehow managed to get darker and it's now a bit pale for me. As everyone seems to reference their foundation shade to MAC, I'll let you know that mine is NW35, which is also matched to Illamasqua Skin Base foundation shade 12, and Bare Minerals foundation in the shade Medium Tan.

So a few weeks ago, I ordered samples of mineral foundation from Pure Halal Beauty (PHB). PHB is a UK based company that specialises in 100% natural and organic beauty products, which are free from alcohol and animal ingredients, as well as not tested on animals. They have a wide range of products available from make-up and skincare to haircare and fragrances. I love their company motto/slogan which is 'Where beauty and belief co-exist'.

I have to admit that I love sampling products. I prefer samples as it's a way to test out make-up and skincare products to see if they would be okay to use on my sensitive skin. Also, as I'm on a student budget, I'm reluctant to spend money on a product because there is always the chance that I might not like it after using it a few times (and would then be a waste of money).

I love recieving post!

Back to PHB mineral foundation samples. I love that PHB provides samples in the first place (major brownie points!) as well as mini pots if you want to try the foundation for a longer period (or as a travel product). There are a total of 8 shades to choose from, and based on the shade descriptions and images, I chose to sample Warm Beige and Deep Cinnamon. They arrived swiftly, and I was sent an email stating that they had been dispatched (IMO a sign of a good e-retailer). Once I'd opened the envelope, it was clear that Deep Cinnamon was going to be way too dark for me, but I kept hold of it just incase. Also, the Deep Cinnamon shade a little shimmery although I'm not too sure why. I swatched these on my wrist (which is quite a bit lighter than my face), and also swatched the E.L.F. mineral foundation in Warm, for comparison.

Swatched - Daylight

Swatched - with Flash

As the samples come in little bags, I tipped out a small amount into the lid of the E.L.F foundation pot, and used the E.L.F Studio Face Kabuki brush with the swirl-tap-buff method. PHB Warm Beige is actually pretty close to my skintone. Because it's a mineral foundation, it blends well onto my face and gives a light coverage (which can be built up in order to get more coverage). I love it because it's a great foundation for everyday use and is super easy to use once you get the basic technique right. I also use a tiny amount as a setting powder when wearing liquid foundation, just lightly applied over the nose and chin (to avoid shiny-ness later on in the day).

PHB Deep Cinnamon is clearly not my colour as shown in the photo's. I have a few samples of BB creams lying around and so will be mixing the mineral foundation and the BB cream together to see if I can mix up a colour that matches.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with the PHB mineral foundation in Warm Beige and after P10P is finished, I may be purchasing a full size pot. =)

If you've managed to reach the end of this post, then you'll be pleased to know that you can get 10% off your purchase at Pure Halal Beauty using the code PURE10  (excluding special offers) =)