Project 10 Pan: Take II #1

So I'm starting project 10 pan again and hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll actually stick to not buying anything (until I'm at least half way through!).

First product to have been used up is the Softlips French Vanilla lipbalm. I'm currently on a mission to use up some of my lipbalms as I have way too many (see my lipbalm collection here) and this is the first to have been finished. I actually quite liked this lipbalm as it moisturised my lips, making them soft and smooth. I liked that the vanilla scent was not overpowering. Also love the compact tube packaging which makes it perfect to fit into the smallest bag possible (or a pocket), and the fact that it is pink! I may repurchase once P10P is over but that depends on how many lipbalms I have managed to use up.

Who else is doing/going to start a project 10 pan? Let me know =)


Canvas Art: Personalised with mendhi patterns

So this is my most recent canvas art piece. It's my name in Arabic, with a mendhi design spreading around the edges of the canvas from the top right hand corner. Dark blue background, teal writing and silver henna patterns. I quite like the raised 3D effect with my name, which is the result of layering quite a lot of acrylic paint, but the mendhi design was a lot easier to do (same technique as this canvas art, with the 'henna cone' filled with paint).

I'm currently in the process of setting up a blog page for my canvas art. If anyone would like to order a personalised canvas, you can contact me for details and information at

Let me know what you think =)


Lush Fresh Face Mask Love Lettuce [review]

Contrary to what the face mask is called, there is no lettuce in this face mask at all. What it does contain is plenty of almonds - shells, oil and all. There's also lavender oil, which you can definitely smell, although it's more of a refreshing scent rather than the traditional lavender scent. Other ingredients include Agar Agar Gel, Kaolin, Honey, Fullers Earth and Chlorophylin. It's green in colour, which is probaly why it's called Love Lettuce. The texture is grainy thanks to the ground almond shells, which means that you can exfoliate your skin while you wash it off. Also, because it has to be kept in the fridge, it's always cold and refreshing to apply.

I apply it quite thick and leave it on for around 10 mins, until it's semi-hardened and it feels tight on my face (which is due to the Fullers Earth). When removing it, I rub my fingers in circular motions in order to fully exfoliate my face to get rid of dead skin cells. There is a slight oily residue left on my skin once the mask has been washed off, but this is removed wheh I dry my face, leaving the skin soft and smooth. I've noticed that I've been getting fewer spots (even though my eating habits have been pretty unhealthy) and when I do get spots, they don't last for very long on my face.

I try to use it every 2-3 days (if I can remember) and my sister uses it as well but there is still quite a bit left. There is a use by date on the tub, which states that it should have been used up three days ago, although I am going to freeze part of it using the sample tubs from Lush, so they contain enough for one mask. Also, there doesn't seem to be an odd smell or any mould growing, so hopefully I should be able to use it up within the week.

I purchased this face mask from Lush about a month ago after trying a sample at home and it seems to be working well. This is recommended for normal to oily skin, which I clearly didn't take into account because I have dry/combination skin. Considering that I got at least 10 masks out of this tub, I think it's well worth the price, although I do wish that Lush would sell them in smaller quantities so that there isn't any left by the time the expiry date comes around. Next time you're in Lush, ask for a sample of the face mask and let me know what you think =)

Next time (after P10P) I'll be purchasing a different fresh face mask. Any suggestions?


Project 10 Pan: Take II

I'm starting another P10P and hopefully this time around I'll be able to stop myself from buying any more products while finishing/hitting pan on 10 products that I currently own (which is the whole purpose of P10P). To see which products I used up in my last P10P click here for all the blog posts =)

Anyone else going to join me on project 10 pan?


Bourjois Swatches

Swatches of the Bourjois products that I purchased at the Bourjois pop up boutique.

Left to Right:
Kohl & Contour shadow & light pencil (13 Brun & Caramel)
Felt-tip Liner (Ultra Black)
Blusher (74 Rose Ambre)
Blusher (85 Sienne)
Sweet Kiss Lipstick (11 Rose Innocence)
Effect 3D Lipgloss (03 Brun Rose)

Personal favourites are the Kohl & Contour pencil-love using the caramel (gold) shade for lining the waterline- and the blusher in 74 Rose Ambre. Seems like I have a thing for browns and pinks =)



Give and Makeup: Blogger's donation

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Give and Makeup is a non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to get everyday essentials into the hands of women and children who need them the most. Bascially the idea is donate clean new and lightly used beauty products which are then delivered to organisations like Women's Aid and Refuge, and are then passed on to the women who need them. A general list of products that they need can be found here.

Two weeks ago, another blogger meet-up and product swap took place at Westfield White City, where all the bloggers who came bought beauty products that they were willing to part with and swap for other items. After we had finished swapping, we were left with a bunch of products that we didn't know what to do with. Lucky me had the job of carrying them home. Normally in my house all the clothes/shoes/books/unwanted gifts etc. go into a charity bag that is then taken to a local charity shop or collection bin (like the one's in the Sainsbury/Tesco car park). That was the original destination for this bag of beauty products, until I remembered that Give and Makeup were looking for donations which included beauty products.

what a makeup swap should look like =)
photo credit to Safiyah/Nilufa (I can't remember who took the picture)

2kg worth of beauty products packed nice and tight into a box ready for posting

If you live in the UK, you can easily post out boxes/parcels to a number of locations, or drop them off providing you notify them first.

A big thank you to Aaliyah (Pyari Beauty), Abeer (blog-a-beaute), Safiya (Simply Muslimah2), Nilufa (Mango Whirl), Safiyah (Frooti Beauty), Numera (Hommes de Femmes), Hafsa (Muslimah Beauty), Aalia (Hijabi With Style), Sundari (Rose Beauty Box), Ayan (Myrrh Tree) & Tanzina (Makeup A to Z).

Don't forget to read and follow the amazing blogs =)

Anyone else now tempted to sort through their makeup/skincare stash and donate what they don't need or use?


in my dreams IV

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Products which I would love to own/wear/use. Alas such things only exist in my dreams.
The Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary 24/7 Glide-On Pencil set (£60).
15 24/7 glide-on eye pencils in a rainbow of colours, gorgeous packaging and the set includes a handy sharpener. Way out of my budget (in terms of makeup) but definitely worth it considering that if you bought all of the pencils individually, they would cost a total of £195. Doing the maths, each pencil in the set works out at £4, compared to the RRP of £13 if bought individually. Favourite shades are Perversion (carbon black), Midnight Cowboy (beige with gold sparkle) and Rockstar (deep purple/plum). =)

Anyone willing to go halves/thirds/quarters?

[note:currently retailing for £54 at Debenhams, which works out to £3.60 per pencil]


Haagen Dazs Secret Sensations

Dessert for tonight. One word:




UnderMyAbaya: Mint Bows


UnderMyAbaya: Mint Bows

Another under abaya outfit inspired by Spring and the gorgeous pastel colours associated with the season. Although completely inappropriate for Spring weather in the UK, this sleeveless bow detail dress can be worn layered over a long sleeve top or under a cardigan. Pair with white straight leg jeans and accessorise with shades of white and grey, with a grey hijab and a white clutch bag. Add more bow detailing with satin bow flats and a crystallised bow brooch. Finish off with a teal glass bead coil bracelet on one wrist.

Is it Spring yet?


Hijabi Tip: Earrings

As a hijabi, it's pretty difficult to wear earrings when your scarf has to cover your ears. Luckily, there are some great hijab tutorials where you can wear earrings and keep your ears covered. I love these styles for special occasions, such as weddings and for Eid. Check them out below =)

Alz786uk - Hijab Tutorial/Style with Earrings

Marafy- Back to School Hijab Tutorial

Sabrina from Slice of Lemon

Amenakin's Hoojab tutorial for earrings, glasses and stethoscope (can also be adapted to a regular hijab)

Or, if you don't really like wearing earrings, turn them into hijab pins by attaching them onto a stick pin with a jumpring =)

If anyone else has links to tutorials for hijab styles with earrings, then link them in the comments below and I'll update this post regularly inshaAllah =)


Something new...

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So with the whole Google Friend Connect issue that's been happening over the past few days, I thought I'd create a Bloglovin account in order to follow blogs that I could no longer follow via GFC. Anyone else who has an account can follow this blog via Bloglovin by clicking on the widget on the right. I have to say that I preferred the layout of the Blogger Dashboard when following blogs, but it's kinda pointless now that I can't read all the blogs I would like to on there. Only thing I don't like about Bloglovin is that I can't see who is following/reading my blog, which means I can't check out their blogs (although it does make everything a lot less complicated).

Also, Bloglovin has a very useful iPhone App, which means I can read blog posts on the go (without having to manually go to Safari and search for a specific blog).

Anyone else who has recently joined the Bloglovin community?


One chocolate that I wish was still around


The Nestle Double Cream Egg

Launched in 2003 and sold predominantly during the Easter period (hence the egg shape). Sold in boxes of three or individually wrapped. Last seen in 2006 (according to various people on the world wide web). I personally loved the filling, a combination of sweet cream mixed with tiny cocoa bits for a slightly bitter taste. Highly addictive.

Anyone else remember this chocolate egg?


Helay Scarves [review]

[Note:Picture Heavy Post]

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen my tweet two weeks ago (16/2/2012) about recieving the Adora scarf that I purchased from Helay scarves. Helay scarves is company which is currently based on Facebook. They handstitch all their designs and provide a customisable service where you can order a scarf in different colour's or different types of fabric. The collection is small but I think it's perfect considering that each scarf is handmade. All scarves are 200x60cm.

There was a bit of a problem with the shipping (it got sent back to Helay) but good customer service meant that they were able to send it back to me within a few days (with plenty of emails going back and forth). I love that the scarf comes wrapped in tissue paper and with lilac ribbon along with a Helay sticker. (You might be able to tell that I love pretty packaging) =)

Onto the actual scarf. The Adora scarf is made of chiffon with a paisley and floral design, and has 3 layers of ruffles sewn onto one of the shorter ends. I love that the ruffles are all different designs and fabrics, with a layer of lace ruffles, a layer of the patterned chiffon scarf and the final layer in a simple patterned cream colour.

One of the long sides is overlocked, but not roll-hemmed, unlike the other three (as seen above) and this is great for those who like to fold the scarf a little before wearing it. I simply use the roll hemmed edge and wrap around. The fabric is sheer and quite slippery which means that I have to wear a full tube underscarf with it in order to cover my hair and make sure it stays in place. Also, I found the width to be a bit small in order for me to get my usual amount if coverage at the front, although it makes up for this with the long length. This means that by adjusting how I wear my hijab (draping the scarf more at the front when wrapping around the head for the second time) I can get the coverage that I want.

worn with a lace headband to compliment the lace ruffles

plenty of coverage at the back

I think this will be a great scarf for the summer as the actual scarf is very light, with the ruffles being quite heavy (which also means that the end of the scarf won't blow away) and I would wear this scarf when going out for an occasion, meeting up with friends, or going out for a meal. Would be perfect on a warm Summer evening, paired with a simple abaya/maxi dress and a few bangles.

You can check out the Helay facebook page here =)

Which of their designs is your favourite?


Project 10 pan #10

This is the final post of P10P although I will continue to post about products that have been used up (maybe a collective post every few weeks). The product to have been used up this time is the L'Ocittane Desert Rose Shea hand cream (30ml) which I got as a magazine freebie, but I can tell you that I would most definitely pay full price (£7.50) for it.

The hand cream is not too thick, but does moisturise very well and I love the smell which is more of a fresh rose smell, rather than a vintage(?) rose smell (no idea if you understand what I mean). It's not greasy at all and is absorbed by the skin quite quickly. I tend to massage the hand cream into my hands, focusing paticularly on the cuticles and fingertips as this is where the skin is really dry. I love the paint tube style packaging, although I had the initial fear that it would burst in my bag. After being squashed between textbooks and buried at the bottom of my uni bag, I can definitely say that it hasn't split down the side!

I also have the Original Shea Butter hand cream, which is just as good as this one (only it has a different smell) but I would definitely be repurchasing after this one has been used up, maybe trying out a different scent.

Have you tried the L'Ocittane hand creams? What did you think?