HFW May 2012: Day 3 - Time Travel

The theme for day three of Hijabi Fashion Week is Time Travel! Bringing back something from the past and combining it with a recent item or trend. This is a tricky one as I regularly empty out my wardrobe of clothes that I don't wear anymore, so I don't actually own anything from the past =/ I do remember that while I was in secondary school, there was a trend of wearing the tiered maxi skirts (aka gypsy skirts), usually a neutral colour, and they were paired with bright coloured tops and accessories. So, I created a Polyvore set to represent this theme, using the tiered maxi skirt as the item from the past, and pairing it with the more recent trend of batwing sleeves. Accessorised with flat sandals, a simple hijab and purple friendship bracelets (playing on the school memories here). The overall look? Loose, flowy and 100% hijab friendly =)

Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 3 - Time Travel

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  1. Wow, I love the combination, the top looks really boho which is again, coming back into style. Great job ! :)

  2. Love the outfit, especially the top :)
    Such pretty colours!



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