Project 10 Pan: Take II #5 and #6

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Finally I have finished using not one but two of my (many) lipbalms! The fifth product to have been used up is the Nivea Hydro Care lipbalm, which is pretty much your standard lipbalm packaged in a handy twist up tube. I like that it has that classic Nivea smell, nothing too strong or complicated. The lip balm itself is moisturising, but not overly so making it great for those days when your lips are dry (but not in need of extreme moisturising). I think I have another one of these lying around somewhere (which hasn't been used yet), so I'm not sad to see this one end.

The sixth product to have been used up is my trusted Classic Carmex tub, which is my saviour when I'm suffering with extremely dry, chapped lips. I'm not too keen on the tub packaging, so will be repurchasing in the tube, either the cherry or strawberry version. I also want to try out the Carmex Moisture Plus lip balms, although that will probably be after I've finished a few more lipbalms.

Hopefully I'll be using up more of my lipbalms soon, so I can also finally open the new (or not so new) EOS lip balm spheres that have been gathering dust for quite a few months now! =)

What's your favourite lipbalm?


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