October Empties

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Fewer empties this month than last month, however I haven't bought much either so maybe that's why! (If I buy more, then I feel like I have to use up more products). Anyway, Psychology aside, here are the products that have been used up this month.

Dabur Amla Hair Oil - I use this as a conditioning treatment before I wash my hair. A more detailed hair care blog post will be coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that! Unfortunately, amla oil has a really strong smell so I'll most likely be switching to almond or coconut oil (but will be repurchasing this as a backup plan) =)

Sure Women Clear Diamond Deodrant - Pretty standard deodrant that doesn't leave white marks and smells quite nice. I bought this when it was on offer as I'm not too fussy about what deodrants I use, as long as they work =)

No7 Extreme Length Mascara (travel size) - I picked this up in Boots Clearance ages ago and I'm actually quite fond of this mascara. I don't wear mascara on a regular basis, mostly because I am constantly rubbing my eyes, and also because really long lashes and glasses don't mix well! This mascara is perfect for lengthening the lashes without being too over the top. Some might say that that might not be 'extreme length' but it's enough for me! The wand also manages to define each lash and a few coats of the mascara doesn''t leave you with clumpy eyelashes. Once I get through the rest of my mascara collection (both full and travel size) I shall be purchasing this one. Hopefully with the help of a No7 voucher =)

Natural Collection Blusher in Sugar Plum - This is a repurchase which has also been finished! I love the natural collection blushers as they are super cheap (£1.99) and have enough colour to give a natural looking blush. Also they are matte (no shimmer or glitter whatsoever) which I am a big fan of! Will also be repurchasing this (after I've made use of a few of my other blushers) =)

Not as many empties as last month, but still a fair few. What have you been using this month?


UnderMyAbaya: Winter Warmer

Haven't done an UnderMyAbaya post in ages! This one is inspired by the lack of sunshine and warm weather now that it's nearly winter here in the UK (just waiting for the snow to arrive).

UnderMyAbaya: Winter Warmer

AX Paris Patterned Sweater / Warehouse Straight Leg Jeans / New Look Buckle boots / Dorothy Perkins Bangle / Topshop Scarf

A cosy and comfortable under abaya outfit that's perfect for keeping me warm whilst not looking like I've got too many layers on (not that that's a bad thing). A knitted jumper dress/top worn with a pair of straight leg jeans that are tucked into the knee length boots (to avoid the whole soggy and uncomfortable trouser hems that are always a result of typical British weather). Accessorise with a simple bangle and a printed hijab to add something a little different and bring the whole outfit together.

It's easy to put an abaya (and probably a coat aswell) over the top of this outfit, and avoid looking too bulky.

What's your perfect winter outfit?


Who is attending Shimmer and Shine 2012?

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Shimmer and Shine is Charity Week's biggest Inter-University Ladies Fashion Event! After last year's successful event (which I unfortunately did not have the chance to attend), this year Shimmer and Shine is back again on November 4th to raise money for charity. All money raised will go to Islamic Relief towards helping orphans and needy children across the globe. For more information about the CW program, visit: www.onecharityweek.com. 

DATE: Sunday 4th November (12:30pm onwards)
VENUE: St George’s University of London, SU area and Boardrooms, 2nd Floor Hunter Wing

TICKET PRICE: £8 (Includes entrance to the fashion show plus a complimentary drink)

So, who's going to be attending? I am! In fact, I'll be behind a stall at Shimmer and Shine selling handpainted canvases =) The highlight of the day will be the unique fashion show which will demonstrate how a Muslimah can be modest and stylish at the same time. There will be henna and makeup artists alongside hair and hijab stylists! Of course, there's also stalls selling everything from jewellery to food and anything in between. Check out the Shimmer and Shine website (here), and the Facebook event page (here). Come and raise some money for charity week and enjoy a ladies day out. Why not come with a group of friends and have a day out =)



Creative DIY Inspiration

I'm currently on the hunt for a job, so I thought why not use my time productively as well as get a bit creative at the same time. I'm already painting canvases (click the tab above to go to my canvas art facebook page), but I've also been inspired by a lot of other tutorials (some of them I found by accident!). Here's a few pictures of what I have been up to, as well as links to a few more inspiring DIY blog posts. If you have anymore to share, feel free to leave the links in the comments =)

Making some embellished friendship bracelets. Tutorials can be found here (for the bracelet) and here (for the embellishments). I used ribbon ends, lobster clasps and some chain to make the closures, because I didn't leave enough thread on either end to tie the bracelets together.

Mini shamballa style zebra bead bracelets - Perfect gifts for little kids.

Henna pattern in acrylic paint on my pocket mirror.
Fill up a cone applicator with acrylic paint and henna away =)

And here's a few more DIY posts that I haven't yet tried out. They do look pretty cool though.

DIY Brush Holders by EpiphannieA: If I didn't have enough storage pots already, I would definitely get creative with some spray paint and jam jars!

Two Finger Rings by The Creative Muslimah: One day I will get around to makeing these. The video tutorial makes it look so easy!

DIY Cute Cushion Covers by MangoWhirl: Love the paisley print on these cushion covers and they make such a pretty addition to a couch or bed =)

The Creative Muslimah's twisted bow earstud tutorial : I'd probably use this tutorial in a slightly different way (because no-one sees my ears) and put the bows on pins (or something similiar) =)


Autumn/Winter Boots : Bring on the Rain (not really)

I really need to go on a spending ban soon, as I've been buying quite a bit over the past few weeks. In my defense, I'm adjusting my wardrobe for the colder months which have arrived (a little too early for my liking).
My most recent purchase is this pair of High Leg Chelsea boots from New Look, which I purchased for just under £20 (with student discount). I chose the high leg boots as they will stop my feet and legs from getting wet when it's raining, especially as the bottom half of my abaya gets soaked (especially from the knees down). I love the brown colour, which is perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons and they make a nice change from the usual black boots. These are also wide fit boots and have a low heel, which means that they are practical and comfortable, and also don't squash my feet (also perfect for wearing with thick, winter socks). Not too sure about how these will hold up when it starts to snow but I'll definitely be making use of these boots in the next few months (I have a separate pair of boots for when the snow arrives!) =)

Tan (Stone ) Wide Fit Brown High Leg Buckle Chelsea Boots | 256628818 | New Look
(excuse the photo from the website. I couldn't get a decent picture with my camera)

Expect to see a few OOTD posts soon featuring these boots (especially as it's been raining quite a bit).

What do you think? Have you started wearing outfits from your autumn/winter wardrobe?