100+ Reading Challenge February Update

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As of today (28/02/2011) I have completed 10 books for the 100+ reading challenge. Only 90 more books to go! Check out what I have read already, by clicking here =)

By the way, I've given up on reviews. Alongside the ridiculous coursework deadlines (all one after the other), keeping up with the lectures and reading papers (journal articles are not easy to understand), it's getting to the point where can't fit in time to write a full review...Sorry! Hopefully, I'll manage to review a few during the summer (long holidays!) but until then I'll just be listing what I've read =)


I wish...

I lived within walking distance to this place :

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I think the image pretty much speaks for itself. I wish there was a Nutelleria in London! Oh well, good excuse for a mini break to Germany or Italy (apparently that's where they are hiding the Nutelleria's).

Anyone else fancy some Nutella? =)


This is weird

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Okay, so I'm sure you've heard of those hair removal pad things, which you basically rub over your *insert body part here* and the hair is magically removed without any pain. I managed to get my hands on a (cheaper) version of the JML Hair removal pads, called Silky Legs, from one of the 99p shops (not the actual 99p Store). They actually work! I know, shocking right? They actually do remove the hair in an almost pain free way. I just happen to be a bit heavy handed so my arms are a tiny bit red at the moment.

However, as I was changing the hair removal pad from the applicator(?), I noticed that the back of the pad looked like the back of a sheet of sandpaper. Thanks to the helpfulness of Google, I have found out that the hair removal pads are made of very very fine sandpaper. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing as I don't particularly like the idea of removing hair with sandpaper (sounds painful, doesn't it!). The method does work though and for 99p I can't really complain. Also, it's just temporary (like shaving) but it exfoliates the skin at the same time (because it's sandpaper). I don't think I'll be using these again, unless it's some kind of emergency!

What do you think? Weird or wonderful?


More Bargains

Unfortunately, my pair of flat shoes decided to come apart at the seams on Wednesday, which meant it was time to shop for a new pair of shoes.

Yesterday, I found these at Priceless shoes for £5! They look silver on the website, but they are infact more of a gold-ish colour. I love them because they are flat (I'd rather be short than embarass myself by walking in heels) and practical to wear to uni.

A random look around the clearance section at WH Smith's found me buying stuff that I probably wouldn't pay full price for. This includes the FIMO farm animals kit, 8x8 Eastern Promise Patterned Paper and Me to You stickers, each of them priced at £1.

Not bad for a Thursday afternoon shopping session =)

What bargains have you picked up recently?


Weekend Plans

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So a couple of times a year, one of the women from my mum's side of the family will have a dinner party style gathering at their house. This is where all the women and girls (grandmother's, aunties and cousins) have an excuse to get dressed up, bring a dish or two and basically have a huge dinner and enjoy the night. It also gives us (the younger generation) a chance to meet up with cousins that we rarely get to see, relax and have fun (because all the older women do the cooking and stuff!).

So tomorrow (Saturday) is going to be the first dinner party of 2011 and it's being held at my aunt's house (my mum's sister), so we (my mum, sister and I) are going a bit earlier to help sort out everything before everyone else arrives. Because everyone is female, I won't be wearing an abaya and hijab in the house, and you can see what I'll be wearing in the Polyvore set below =)

Weekend Style

Weekend Style by .x.asmaa.17.x.

It's basically a knee length tunic dress (the same one above) worn with black jeggings (which I prefer over skinny jeans) and a cute pair of ballet flats. I know it's quite a simple outfit, but I'll be accessorising with an armful of bangles/bracelets, rings and earrings! I'll also be styling my hair (no idea how though), which I have recently dyed reddish brown using L’Oréal Féria by Préférence in Red Flash Brown. My hair has turned out darker than the actual colour shown on the box (that's because my hair is naturally a very dark brown) but it looks pretty fabulous!.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! I know I will =D


Call me crazy

You might as well call me crazy! I've recently taken up water aerobics (also called Water workout) at the local leisure centre. It lasts for one hour from 9-10pm  on a Wednesday and it basically consists of aerobic exercise in the swimming pool. This means that there is plenty of jumping up and down whilst working your arms at the same time. We also get to use the swimming floats (the noodle ones) which are meant to be held underwater when moving our arms up and down, or backwards and forwards (Sorry for the lack of correct terminology!I don't know how else to explain it).

Considering it's about 4°C at night, there's quite a lot of women that attend the session (it's a womens only class). Water workout is a great way to do exercise if you're not comfortable/happy with the 'usual' gym activities. I love swimming, but tend to get distracted by talking to others so I don't actually get much swimming done =/ . I find that water workout is a little less intensive, but you can't exactly stop and chat for 5 minutes (because you're working so hard) which means I actually do more exercise. Also, you have to concentrate on where your arms and legs are moving, because you don't really want to kick someone else or end up under water. The instructor is quite awesome too!

Has anyone else taken up something new this year?