HFW Nov 2011 - Day 4

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Vacation/Destination: Malaysia

I would love to go on holiday to Malaysia! I think the scenery alone would be my reason to go (green everywhere - such a contrast to London!), but authentic Malaysian food is definitely something I would love to try. Also, Malaysian women always seem to look great no matter what they wear =)

Maxi Dress: Risky
Cardigan: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Bag: New Look (seems to be a trend here)
Hijab and Lace headband: Green Street
Bracelet (on the right): Queens Market, Green Street
Bracelets (on the left): handmade by me
Ring: Gift

I paired a cardigan with the maxi dress so I wouldn't have to wear a long sleeve top underneath. Also, as the cardigan sleeves are a bit wide, I wore the bracelets over the sleeve so my arms wouldn't be exposed (also means that the bracelets can be seen!). This bag is one that I use when I'm going out and don't want to carry a lot of things. Perfect for a small coin purse and camera =)

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HFW Nov 2011 - Day 3

Break the Rules: Abaya + Trainers

Actually, I was going to 'break' a different fashion rule, until I realised that it has become a fashion trend itself. Nevertheless, I have still incorporated this 'not-so-broken' rule into my outfit =)

Abaya and trainers are not really a good combination (in my opinion). Especially when you're wearing a fancy, blinged-out abaya (but I didn't wear mine for Today's theme). However, seeing as I can't walk in heels, and there are some days when I can't be bothered to wear flat shoes/boots, trainers are the only footwear option available (did I mention I hate showing my feet? That rules out sandals!). Anyways, here's my outfit for HFW day 3 =)

Also, the other not-so-broken rule is the mixing/clashing of colours and patterns. But like I said before, it's becoming the norm to wear different colours/patterns in an outfit.

(click image for a bigger picture)

Abaya: Green Street (can't remember store name)
Hijab: Bella Maxi Hoojab (Pearl Daisy)
Trainers: Nike (JD Sports)
Bag: Accessorize
Bracelet and Pearl Hijab Pin: handmade by me

Yay for actual photographs!

Outfits from everyone else who is participating can be seen here =)


HFW Nov 2011 - Day 2

Hobby/Recreation: Too many to name

Reading, Canvas Painting, Scrapbooking, Jewellery Making, Henna, Baking Cupcakes just to list a few! Basically all things creative =)

Here's a few of my current craft projects:

Decorated 'A' monogram

Mini Canvas

Scrapbooking my 18th birthday (a few years late!)

Recreational time for me means to relax and de-stress. This translates to a comfortable and casual outfit, which I don't mind getting a bit messy.

HFW 2011 Day 2

Here I've gone for a long sleeve t-shirt dress, dark wide-leg jeans and a pair of converse, paired with a polka dot hijab and woven friendship bracelets to accessorise. The outfit is also in one of my favourite colours, pink!

Check out the rest of the outfit entries for Day 2 here =)


HFW Nov 2011 - Day 1

HFW Nov 2011 has started! =)

Leaders in Hijab: (future) Teacher

I'm an undergraduate Psychology student at the moment, but inshaAllah I am hoping to do a PGCE course which will allow me to to teach Psychology to 14-19 year olds. A teacher's outfit depends on the students that they are teaching. For example, you would not wear heels if you're a teacher in a primary school. I think the outfit should be comfortable enough to move around in, but still be professional (no jeans allowed!).

HFW 2011 Day 1

I created this look in Polyvore, an outfit I would wear as a teacher (if I wasn't wearing an abaya). Includes a flowy tunic dress, wide-leg trousers, smart heels, and a purple hijab (to add a splash of colour. Accessorised with a purple satchel style bag and long gold necklace. Simple yet effective. (and don't forget the much needed post-it notes!)

Check out the outfits from other participants here and look out for the HFW Day 2 outfit tomorrow =)


Hijabi Fashion Week

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Incase you haven't noticed the addition of the HFW button to the right of this post, I'll be taking part in Hijabi Fashion Week which is starting on Sunday 27th November (tomorrow!). HFW is a bi-annual event where each of the 7 days has a different theme and participants have to share an outfit that represents the theme of the day.

The themes this time around are:
Day 1 -- Leaders in Hijab: what leadership roles do you have or want to try? (President, teacher, mother, Volunteer Leader, CEO etc.).
Day 2 -- Hobby/Recreation: What do you do when you have free time? (hike, sail, write, paint, etc.)
Day 3 -- Break the Rules: A stylish hijabi can look good in anything, even when she's breaking the rules! Pick a fashion/style rule you always follow, and show us how you'd break it in style! (Any style rule may be broken, except the Islamic criteria for hijab).
Day 4 -- Vacation/Destination: Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world? What outfits would you wear?
Day 5 -- Eid & Formal: It's Friday! Dress up! What did you wear for Eid? What do you wear to formal events/parties?
Day 6 -- Date Night: Yesterday you dressed up for you, today dress up for your man! What do you wear when going out with your (future) husband?
Day 7 -- Out with Friends: Finish off the week by hanging out with friends! Where do you usually go? What do you usually do?

If you would like more information about HFW, want to see what's been shared in the past, or would even like to participate yourself, check out the HFW website by clicking the image below =)


1st Blog-versary Giveaway (closed)


I can't believe that I have actually been blogging for a whole year now! I never actually thought that I would still be blogging a year later! How time flies by =D

Anyways, to celebrate my first blog-versary, I have a giveaway open internationally to all my followers/readers to say thank you for reading =)
There will be two giveaway winners, so check out the 2 sets of prizes below.

# 1
Chilli Pepper Powder Eyeshadow Kit - Cool
E.L.F Studio Cream Eyeliner (Black)
E.L.F Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush

# 2
3 x Rimmel Eyeshadow Duos
E.L.F Studio Blush (Blushing Rose)

To enter you simply have to:
* Be a follower of my blog (via GFC)
* Post a comment about something you'd like to see in a future blog post
* Leave your email address (so I can contact you)
* Follow me via twitter (@asmaamangera) for an extra chance to win - leave your twitter name in the comment too =)

note: If you are aged under 16, please ask for parental permission (just incase you do have to give your postal address)

and that's pretty much it!

Deadline for entry will be on the 24th December 2011 at 3pm GMT (exactly one month), after which I will post the winners on the blog, and contact them for postal addresses.

Here's to another year of blogging!


Project 10 Pan #1 & #2

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I have started Project 10 Pan and the first two products to have finished/hit pan are the Boots Pharmaceuticals Intensive Foot Softener (which I also cut open and finished using) and the Natural Collection Rosey Glow blush.

I love the foot softener (I had the 75ml tube), and will definately repurchase at the end of P10P, but there are a few other lotions that I want to use up before then. I've had this blush for quite some time (the first I ever bought!) and although I'm sad to see it finishing, I have another Natural Collection blush waiting to be used (in the shade Dusky Pink) =]

Funnily enough, both these products were bought from the Boots Clearance store in Beckton =)

Hope to keep you updated with my P10P and let me know what products you've hit pan on or finished using =)

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish [review]

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I bought the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth cleanser from John Lewis at Stratford City Westfield on the opening day. I've only started using it from around mid-October, as I was previously using the Vitamin E Cleanser and Toner from The Body Shop, and wanted to finish using that first. Luckily for me, one of my friends was looking for a cleanser to take with her on holiday, so I (gladly) let her take both the cleanser and toner to use. I have to be honest and say that on most days, I remove my makeup with baby wipes as my makeup isn't heavy or full face and really is just removing eyeliner and mineral foundation. This routine hasn't changed, but I've started to use Cleanse and Polish on the days (nights?) when I have more makeup on than I would on a normal day, usually at the weekend.

I really like the smell of Cleanse and Polish. The eucalyptus is definitely present and there is just something about the smell which (subconsciously) makes me think the product will work. I also like the pump dispenser as it deposits just the right amount to cover my face and neck. I have combination/sensitive skin due to an oily t-zone and eczema, which makes it difficult to find skin care products that work for me. Fortunately I have not experienced any irritation or issues from using this product, so I would recommend this product to others with a similar skin type.The cleanser also removes waterproof and stubborn makeup, so this great for when I'm wearing make-up to last for a whole day (like on Eid!). I know that the two step routine of using a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser can be a bit time consuming, but it is worth the extra time and effort because you can actually see all the makeup and dirt being removed on the cloth (not to mention the money being saved by not buying cotton wool pads). Alos, there is just something about the two-step routine that makes it a bit more fancier(?) than cleanser soaked cotton wool pads (although that might just be my imagination).

I can see this bottle lasting me a good few months before it needs to be repurchased and it works so well, I think it justifies the price and I'm glad I picked it up.

Anyone else who uses Cleanse and Polish? What do you think of it?


Eid Mubarak!

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Eid Mubarak

I hope you all have a wonderful Eid and enjoy yourselves. I know I will be!


100+ Reading Challenge October update

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As of yesterday, 31st October 2011, I have finished reading 55 books. I've just past the halfway mark and have no idea how I'm going to read 45 books in two months. However, there are a lot of long journeys on the London Underground and buses, and I'm also making more use of my e-reader, which hopefully means that I'll be reading a lot more. Check out what I've been reading here =)

Anyone have any recommendations? I have a list of books to get through and could definitely read some more =)