Hijabi Tip: Glasses and Hijab

I have to say that at the moment, I wear my glasses more than contact lenses. Mostly because I can't be bothered with putting lenses in, taking them out, cleaning them etc. so glasses are just a quick and easy way to make sure I can actually see where I'm going! Wearing glasses with hijab can sometimes be a pain as the arms of the glasses are squashed between the back of your ear and your head, leaving you with a headache/earache and a not very comfortable hijab. Also, if your frames are wide from the front, they can create a gap, which may mean that the odd hair will come loose.

Here are some idea's that have worked for me (and can also apply when wearing sunglasses). Let me know if they help =)

Wear your glasses over your hijab. Now I'm talking about after you've pinned under the chin/wrapped the hijab around once, then put the glasses on and carry on wrapping your hijab. This way the arms of the glasses are not in direct contact with your skin (so no more pain) and there is no risk of any hair showing from underneath. Also, this style makes is a lot more practical if you have to remove your glasses as they simply slide back in. Perfect for when it's raining and you need to wipe your glasses in order to see again!

If you're not keen on wearing the glasses over your hijab, then I would most definitely recommend wearing them over an underscarf. I use tube underscarves as they don't need to be tied at the back of the head, and again don't cause earaches. They are also a lot easier to put on as they are pretty much a supersized hairband. Simply wear the underscarf first and make sure that your ears are at least partially covered (so that the glasses don't touch your ears/head) and then wear the glasses. Wrap hijab as you normally would.

Here is a few hijab tutorial that I've come across which may also help =)

Any other tips that you'd recommend for glasses wearing hijabi's?


It's that time of year again...

Exam time! Actually it's a bit more than that this year, considering that I'm in my last year of uni and my final year project (a.k.a. dissertation) is due in less than two weeks with exams starting shortly after. So from now, until the end of May, please excuse me for the lack of blog posts.

I will have a few scheduled in as well as continue to update you on P10P:TakeII (which is going well so far), and at the end of May you can look forward to HFW (Hijabi Fashion Week) May 2012 outfit posts =)

another instagram picture-this time it's of my FYP notes

Anything that you would like to see on the blog? And good luck to everyone doing exams (or going to do them)!


Project 10 Pan: Take II #3

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The third product to have been used up is the Lush Love Lettuce fresh face mask. This is a great face mask, although much more suited to oily/combination skin rather than my dry/sensitive skin. Made of fresh natural ingredients means that the mask has a use by date, although there was no adverse reaction when I used it a whole month after that date (just used the last bit up yesterday!). Priced at £5.75 the mask is really good value for money, considering that my sister and I got at least 10-12 masks in total. You can check out my full review on the mask here.

Now I just need four more empty pots for a free fresh face mask!

Have you tried out Lush fresh face masks before? What did you think?


Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation: mini review

I picked up a sample of the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation with a Boots advantage card voucher a few weeks ago from the Benefit counter at the larger Boots store. As this was before the launch date for the foundation, the full range of shades wasn't available to try out and I was given the shade "I'm Hopelessly Hot" Hazelnut to take with me. Considering that I wasn't matched at the counter, the foundation is slightly darker than my skintone when applied using a brush (I use the E.L.F studio powder brush) although this doesn't really matter when I'm wearing my scarf because no one can see if there is a slight difference between my face and neck.

I'd personally go for the shade lighter which is "I'm so Glamber" Amber, simply because it's easier to warm up a foundation rather than make it lighter. I love the pump dispenser as it means you can control how much foundation is dispensed rather than pouring it out (thus creating a horrible mess). Despite not being a big fan of liquid foundations, I do like that the Benefit HFOW is light-medium coverage foundation and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the skin. The sun protection factor of SPF 25 PA+++ also makes it great for the upcoming Summer months (even though the weather seems to be otherwise at the moment). Even though there are only 9 shades available, they cover a range of skin tones from fair/porcelain to deep mocha complexions.

I am going to purchase the full size 30ml foundation which retails at £24.50 (although not at this moment in time. Maybe as a treat after exams?).

What liquid foundations would you recommend?


Project 10 Pan: Take II #2

The second product to have been finished is the Kyphi body butter from The Sanctuary. I purchased this ages ago at Boots Clearance, but made a more conscious effort to use it up this past few weeks. I'm actually quite sad that this is finished because it smells wonderful,  and leaves a lingering perfume scent on my skin (for a while). Moisturising enough for dry skin (I used this on my arms mostly) and a smooth non greasy texture meant it was easily absorbed into the skin. I'm not sure if it's sold anymore but I would have assumed that it was sold as part of a set. The current set of three being sold is the Sanctuary Ultimate Moisture Trio.

Tried any other Sanctuary products? What did you think?


(semi) OOTD: Wedding Guest

I still didn't manage to get a full shot of my outfit from last Sunday's wedding, but here are a few pictures which I posted on Instagram, including the accessories, henna and eye makeup =)

Bangles and Clutch Bag

Henna and Clutch Bag

EOTD: A simple purple look

If anyone else is on instagram, my username is asmaa17 if you want to see the rest of my pictures =)


Dining Out: Sizzling Palate

Over the weekend I was in Bolton for a wedding and on Saturday night went out with a few family friends to a restaurant called Sizzling Palate located in Bolton Town Centre. I didn't manage to get a picture of my outfit, but plenty of pictures of the food. Instead of boring you with words, I'll just show you what delicious food we ate!


Steak Knife and Fork!

Strawberry Mojito mocktail

Raspberry Mojito mocktail

Tandoori Mixed Grill starter

Tandoori Mixed Grill starter (again) with Mango Lassi in the background

Main courses (Sizzlers) and a selection of sauces. One is chicken and the other is prawn.

Steak Sizzlers (both are actually two different items on the menu, although they look the same)

Sizzling Palate Special Steak Sizzler

Portions were large, so each Sizzler was shared between two of us. They basically contained meat/chicken/prawn with servings of chips, rice and noodles (or pasta), and grilled vegetables. The food was great and I did like that the food was served on hot iron plates (hence the name Sizzling Palate). There was a range of other dishes available but we went for the classic sizzlers. Was definitely a good night out in the rather quiet town of Bolton! If anyone's planning to go, I would definitely recommend booking a table because it was very busy!

Anyone know of some good restaurants in the Northern part of England?


The Big Egg Hunt London

If you're following me on twitter, you would know that last Thursday I went to Covent Garden to see the eggs from The Big Egg Hunt. Between 21st February to 3rd April over 200 decorated eggs were displayed across London, and they were then all displayed in and around the Covent Garden Piazza until yesterday. The eggs were auctioned off and TBEH merchandise sold, helping raise awareness and money for the two charities Action for Children and Elephant Family. Last year, there were elephants displayed around London, and this year's eggs are a symbol that represent new life, a fresh start and hope for the future. I thought it would be fun just to see all the different designs and creations, while recording how many I could actually find.

Here are a few snapshots from my day out =)

No 169: Egg Letter Box

Close up of No 126: Love is Life

No 93: Where's Wally?

Close up of No 81: Scrambled Egg City

Eggs hanging from the ceiling of the Covent Garden Piazza

Bow tie Galore! No 182: The Prep Egg

One of my favourites! No 207: Eggs & Soldiers

Love the detailing on this egg =) No 27: Samara

Did anyone see the eggs on their way around London over the past few weeks?


Make up Travel Bag Take II

So, I did a post about products in my travel make up bag at the beginning of February, however the weather has changed completely since then and so has the make up (kind of) which I will be taking with me to another wedding. I've decided to wear the abaya that was featured in HFW Nov 2011-Day 5 and will be keeping my make up quite simple (hopefully).

Foundation: Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow spf 25 PA+++ (Hazelnut) [sample size]
                          Bare Minerals Original spf 15 foundation (medium tan) [sample size]
Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection (Shade 4 Deep)
Blusher: Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks (Rosey Glow)
Lips: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick (250 Glamourous Pink)
          NYX Lip pencil (Coffee)
          Sleek Pout Polish (Frosting)
Eyeshadow Primer: E.L.F Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer
Eyeshadow: Sleek Monaco Palette
                          Sleek Storm Palette
                          M&S Per Una Aubergine eye colour trio
Eyeliner: E.L.F Studio Gel Liner (Black)
                   Urban Decay 24/7 liner (Underground)
                   E.L.F Shimmer Eyeliner pencil (Plum Passion)
Mascara: No7 Extreme Length [sample size]
Brows: Sleek Brow Kit (Dark)

Extra's: E.L.F Studio Makeup Mist and Set Spray, E.L.F Eyelash Curler
Brushes: E.L.F Studio 11 piece brush kit and Studio Kabuki, No7 eye shadow brushes (from a brush set), Artist brush (used with gel eyeliner).

Hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures of my outfit and makeup. Also, we're going out to eat on the Saturday night, as the wedding is on the Sunday, so I'll have two OOTD's =)


Graze Box (again!)

A follow up blog post to this one, where I ordered and recieved my first Graze box. I've been ordering Graze boxes once a month since June last year, and I see it as a treat to myself to try out new, healthier options for snacking. Recent additions to the selection of snacks available include the dips & dippers range and the new guilt-free high tea (which I have yet to try). Graze are constantly adding new treats to their selection of snacks and they have such a large variety that you're sure to find something that you like. I've established a few favourites from what's available, which I can then select to be sent with 'send soon', meaning that they will be in one of the next boxes that are posted out.

This month's box were all sent with 'send soon' (which arrived yesterday) contained two of my favourites: Billionaire's Shortbread (fudge pieces, blanched almonds, milk chocolate drops and cranberries) and Florentine (pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries). Two new snack boxes I chose were Little Figgy went to Market (baby figs, cranberries and apple) and Toffee Apple (sticky toffee sauce with granny smith apple slices).

The Graze boxes cost £3.49 each, and if you're a new customer you can try one for free using the code NJWPDYP. You can cancel the boxes at any time and push back deliveries to a date that suits you, if you don't want weekly or fornightly boxes (which I do myself in order to get them once a month).

Let me know if you've tried Graze boxes before, or are looking to do so in the future =)


in my dreams V

Products which I would love to own/wear/use. Alas such things only exist in my dreams.

source: Fashion971

Palestyle Clutch Bag (prices from 850AED). Gorgeous array of colours to choose from, and the writing on the clutch can be customised (would love to have my name on a clutch bag!). Also love the fact that Palestyle is a company that empowers refugee women in need, mostly in refugee camps of Jordan as well as Lebanon & Palestine, by giving them an income against their work, a % of sale from all items that we sell. The % of sales is either extended to them directly to help cover their living expenses or to causes and or organizations that supports those women. These women handmake all the embroidery designs which are used in Palestyle items.

see Miss Hijabi's review on the Palestyle clutch here.

inshaAllah one day =)