Hijabi Tip: Glasses and Hijab

I have to say that at the moment, I wear my glasses more than contact lenses. Mostly because I can't be bothered with putting lenses in, taking them out, cleaning them etc. so glasses are just a quick and easy way to make sure I can actually see where I'm going! Wearing glasses with hijab can sometimes be a pain as the arms of the glasses are squashed between the back of your ear and your head, leaving you with a headache/earache and a not very comfortable hijab. Also, if your frames are wide from the front, they can create a gap, which may mean that the odd hair will come loose.

Here are some idea's that have worked for me (and can also apply when wearing sunglasses). Let me know if they help =)

Wear your glasses over your hijab. Now I'm talking about after you've pinned under the chin/wrapped the hijab around once, then put the glasses on and carry on wrapping your hijab. This way the arms of the glasses are not in direct contact with your skin (so no more pain) and there is no risk of any hair showing from underneath. Also, this style makes is a lot more practical if you have to remove your glasses as they simply slide back in. Perfect for when it's raining and you need to wipe your glasses in order to see again!

If you're not keen on wearing the glasses over your hijab, then I would most definitely recommend wearing them over an underscarf. I use tube underscarves as they don't need to be tied at the back of the head, and again don't cause earaches. They are also a lot easier to put on as they are pretty much a supersized hairband. Simply wear the underscarf first and make sure that your ears are at least partially covered (so that the glasses don't touch your ears/head) and then wear the glasses. Wrap hijab as you normally would.

Here is a few hijab tutorial that I've come across which may also help =)

Any other tips that you'd recommend for glasses wearing hijabi's?



  1. Omg thanks for posting my video :) :) Ive started to wear my glasses more rather than my contacts, but my contacts have run out so maybe thats why hehe xx


    1. No problem! I think there's another one of your videos lurking on another blog post =) And glasses definitely come in handy when there are no contact lenses! =)

  2. I always wear contact lenses now in public, I don't think I'd ever be able to go back to glasses :P
    But I've recently been having a love affair with sunnies and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to wear them with my hijab without looking like a numpty, I'm sure these tips will come in handy, thanks! :)


    1. I used to wear my contact lenses all the time, but I've just become so used to wearing glasses, that it's too much of a hassle to wear contacts daily =)

      Sunglasses and hijab looks awesome! I'm looking forward to when we actually get some sunshine in the UK to wear mine =D


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