Review: H&M Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil Hydrating Face Mask

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As a big fan of face masks, I picked up one of the H&M masks a few weeks ago. My skin was quite dry and dehydrated, so I chose the hydrating mask which contains argan oil, rosehip oil and shea and cocoa butter. At £1.99 I didn't think too much of it.

Last week, I decided to use the H&M face mask instead of my usual sheet masks. The result? Not great. Moments after I had applied the mask to my face, my eyes started watering and itching.

Considering I had applied the mask nowhere near my eyes, I was confused as to why I was in tears. I managed to leave the face mask on for a few minutes before I washed it off using a wet flannel and warm water. My skin felt smooth at first but I had to apply moisturiser soon after as my skin felt quite dry. Overall, I wouldn't repurchase this face mask again. I'm not sure what ingredients caused my eyes to water but unfortunately it's put me off trying out the rest of the masks available at H&M.

Have you tried any of the H&M face masks?


Welcoming 2016 =)

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Yes, I know I'm three days late, but Happy New Year to all my readers! I should really be doing some lesson planning in preparation for work tomorrow, but thought a quick blog post shouldn't hurt =)

I don't really have any new year's resolutions for this year, apart from passing my NQT year. Other than that, I'm just looking forward to seeing how the year progresses (and also attending a few friend's weddings which are also coming up in the year!). This year will definitely be more career focused as I am responsible for my own class. Even though I don't spend all my time at school, I do spend a lot of time thinking about (and preparing for) work. I'm also trying to find a work-life balance (which sounds impossible) and will be getting back to swimming on a regular basis as well as other things.

In other non-work related news, I also changed the colour of my dip dye today. Previously, it has been pink and then blue, but I thought I would start the new year with the end of my hair dyed purple. The bottom of my hair has been bleached until almost white and then I applied the colour over the top. For anyone who wants to know, I use the Colour Freedom dyes, as they are semi-permanent so I can either top-up the colour, or change it (depending on my mood) as it starts to fade.

Hopefully, I'll be blogging a bit more than last year as I don't have any more assignments (student life has finally come to an end!), but I'm also hoping to be scrapbooking and crafting a lot more this year too.

What are your plans/goals for this year?