100+ Reading Challenge June Update

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As of today (30/6/2011) I have read 28 books. Now that Uni is finaly over, I can start reading plenty more books (after I finish writing my proposal for my final year project) but hopefully there will a long(er) list of books at the end of July. Only 72 more books to go! Check out what I've been reading here =)


Hijabi Tip: Bangles

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As hijabies, many of us may find it difficult to accessorise our outfits. I mean basically with hijab, you can't wear earrings, unless you do a hijab style which does allow for earrings (will be shown in another post), you can't wear necklaces, unless they are the extra long necklaces or you find a way to adapt your hijab (again, will be covered in another post). So you're practically left with the options of bangles and rings. Bangles are an easy way to accessorise a hijabi outfit and they come in so many styles and colours. Chunky bangles, super thin bangles, wooden/fabric/plastic bangles, diamante (i.e. bling) bangles, glitter bangles, enamelled bangles, bangles with charms, clustered bangles, (you get the point now). Also, with bangles they can be worn over the sleeve of your top/dress/abaya/jilbab or underneath. And you can choose to wear as few or as many as you like =)

majority of my bangle collection-from a range of indian clothes stores and high street shops

worn over black sleeves

Hope you enjoyed this Hijabi Tip =)


Sleek LE Monaco Palette

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I wasn't too excited about this palette when I first saw it, but once I swatched a few eyeshadows, some of the colours definately stood out and I could imagine myself wearing them to a wedding/event/random day out. I particulary like Hummingbird and Moors Treasure, although Sand Walker doesn't even show up on my skin! The quality of the eyeshadows are the same as the rest of the Sleek palettes (no less that amazing!) and there is a mix of shimmery and matte colours in the palette.
Here are some pictures and swatches =)

(Swatches show one swipe of each colour. See image above for names of colours)

Anyone else bought/seen anything interesting recently?


Superdrug: Collection 2000 and MUA Pro

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Regarding makeup, the one product I cannot live without (not including lip balms here!) is eyeliner. Be it liquid, gel, cream or pencil eyeliner, it has to line my eyes when I'm going out of the house. There's just something about eyeliner which makes it one of those essential everyday makeup products. So there's no surpirse that I picked up both the Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Liner, and the new MUA Pro 3in1 Contour Pen (in black). I also picked up the MUA Pro Mosaic Blusher, as I'm (slowly) building up a collection of blushers.

 Collection 2000 Liner and Swatch- I love this liner as it's so easy to use and requires minimal effort. Simply use as a felt tip pen and draw along the top lash line. It can be as thin or thick as you make it and the pigmentation is super dark!

MUA Pro Mosaic Blusher and Contour Pen swatches: I'm not too keen on the blusher as it's quite shimmery, and as I'm not skilled in applying blusher, I definately need to practise first! The contour pen has a waxy texture and I'm currently using it to line the bottom lash line or the water line. It's not as dark as other eyeliners that I've tried, but it may work as a base for a smokey eye look.

Have you bought any makeup recently?


Lush: A treat to myself

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I've always thought of Lush products as treat purchases rather than everyday essentials. The result of popping into one the many Lush stores in London, is a bag filled with Each Peach... Massage Bar, Tiny Hands Massage Bar and the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub. I love the massage bars because they are solid moisturisers and all you have to do is rub them over your *insert body part here*. I like to use them on my hands and arms, although I probably gain a few weird looks when I end up sniffing my arm (simply because the smell is so good). The Sweet Lips Lip Scrub requires no explaination given my love for lip balms and associated products. Also, I found out that when you buy two massage bars, you get a storage tin for free (which can also be bought for £2.95). Just a note: The scent of a Lush store just makes you want to have a look around inside (it smells divine!). Even if you're in a rush, you just have to slow down and smell the air just outside of the store =)

Love the smell of these products (although the rest were pretty tempting too!)

Anyone else treated themselves lately? =)


Pearl Daisy - Pictures and Mini Review

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Pearl Daisy is an online hijab store run by the wonderful Sister Amena. At this current moment, the website is unavailable and will be relaunched tomorrow (inshaAllah), so I thought I'd include some photos of the PD products that I own and a mini review. If you want to keep updated with PD news, then join the PD sisterhood on Facebook and become a Pearl Daisy!

 [pretty hijabs]

[closeup of Princess Rafi hijab] 

[close up of lace hijabs]

I personally love the lace hijabs because I've never seen them before and they are super versatile as well as adding an interesting layer to hijab styles. I prefer to layer them with plain thin scarves, but they can also be worn around the neck. The 365 hijabs have a wonderfully soft texture, which is inlike normal pashmina's. They aren't stiff, and can therefore be used to create folds which adds volume to hijab styles without an excessively large hair piece. I bought the purple colour, but there is a whole rainbow available, in both block colours and patterned styles. The Princess Rafi scarf is made of the same fabric as the 365 hijabs and I love the pink/orange paisley and floral design, as it's girly but sophisticated at the same time.

These are the Pearl Daisy Ali Baba Trousers in Black which I mentioned in my December wishlist. I've worn these a quite a few times and they are really comfortable. They look like denim, but are way lighter than a pair of jeans. I wore them a few weeks ago to Thorpe Park, and they survived the day at the Theme Park! The button detailing adds a little extra something and there are pockets! (which are essential).

I'm hoping to order a few more PD products when the website relaunches tomorrow, especially the Sheen Hijabs, which will definately come in handy for the wedding season and for special occasions.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost =)


Healthy snacking in a box

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Ever had a crisp packet or chocolate bar for a snack and then felt guilty about it? Or perhaps you just want to try a healthier snack that is still tasty and not boring. Graze is a UK based company which send snack boxes via the postal system and are delivered through your letter box. The Graze boxes contain four snack size servings and have over 100 different snacks to try. The idea is that every week (or every fortnight), a snack box is delivered to you. You can rate each of the snacks available on their website according to if you love, like or would like to try them. There is also a 'bin it' option so that you wont be sent anything you don't like. You can choose the delivery day and how often you would like your Graze box to be delivered. All snacks are healthy and natural, available in a range of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and flapjacks with some snacks including chocolate buttons.

I ordered my first box last week and it was delivered yesterday. It fits nicely through standard post boxes and comes through with the rest of your post (whatever time of the day that may be).

(personalised mini-booklet)

(four portions of snacks)

(thin enough to fit through the letter box)

Graze boxes are priced at £3.49 per box, with the first box being half price. For a limited time period, you will be able to recieve your first box free, and your second box half price with the code  ZJNZH6B. Also, if you use the code, then I can donate £1 to the Uganda school of farming. If you'd like to order a Graze box click here! You can cancel your boxes at any time and even push back when you want your Graze box to be delivered.

So far I've tried the omega booster seeds (which I love, because pumpkin and sunflower seeds are my favourite) and the firecracker snack box (the mini rice crackers are yummy!). Even if you don't order, take a minute or so to look around the website. It will give you some idea's for healthy snacking that you can take into account when grocery shopping. =)


100+ Reading Challenge May Update

As of yesterday (31/05/2011) I have finished reading 23 books, which (if you do the maths) is quite bad. I've read less than a quarter of the books and we're already half way through the year. It is exam time at the moment, but hopefully I should be able to read some (77!) after they're over. Check out what I've read here.

In other news, my laptop was infected by a virus so the hard-drive was wiped clean and now I have to figure out how to use the updated version of Windows (which is a pain and doesn't look very nice). Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sunshine (in the UK) and looking forward to the summer! I know I am =)