About Me


So, this blog (Chocoholic Hijabi) is basically going to be an outlet for me (and you- as readers). The name of the blog, is pretty much what represents me, although there are many more words that could have been used, these are the two that I thought of immediately.

I recently completed my teacher training and now have a lovely class of 30 to call my own. My first degree was Psychology with child development (which seems like I finished it a lifetime ago, back in 2012). Blogging started as a little outlet for me to basically write down what was going on in my head, and it's sort of grown from there!

People say that it's good to have hobbies, although I seem to have too many: scrapbooking, shopping, jewellery making, reading, eating, baking and many more. I also do quite a bit of painting, but have stopped taking orders as teaching really has taken over!


All products shown on this blog have been purchased by myself, unless otherwise stated and all opinions/reviews are my own. The links posted are not affiliated with any particular brand/website/product etc. Nor are there any adverts on the blog itself, mostly because I can't be bothered with Google Adsense and the purpose of this blog is not as a source of income.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this blog is based on my own opinions and interpretations of whatever I'm writing about. Please try to keep an open mind and an open heart. And don't forget the bar of chocolate! =)


I'm happy to work with brands/businesses. If you would like to be featured/reviewed/sponsor a giveaway, I am happy to do so. Feel free to contact me =)

Contact me at : asmaa.mangera@hotmail.co.uk
or via twitter: @asmaamangera

If you're on Instagram, my username is asmaa17 =)

Enjoy reading!