Chocoholic Hijabi goes to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

[Note: picture heavy]

Anyone who knows me, will know that I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. It all started when I got a box set of the first four Harry Potter books, way back when I was 9 years old. After reading all the books in one week (thank goodness for half-term holidays), I've been hooked. From taking the fifth book with me on a school residential trip, going to buy the last two books at midnight on the day of release, taking the sixth book with me to Dubai, going to watch all the movies, and even watching the last two movies back to back at a midnight screening, it's pretty clear that most of my time as a teenager was filled with the magical world that exists inside the books and films. Luckily, I have a friend who is equally as crazy as me, and so for her birthday treat, we spent the day at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, taking in pretty much everything there is to know about the making of the Harry Potter movies.

I took over 700 pictures while we were there (don't worry, I won't be showing them all), I'm going to share a few on the blog without ruining the surprise for anyone who is planning to go. Basically, I think anyone with an ounce of interest in the books and/or movies should visit the studio tour. It's definitely something to do =)

Shuttle Bus from Watford Junction station to Leavesden Studios

Eeee! Exciting times!
Printed out our tickets =)

Not your average chess pieces!

Just your typical Hogwarts breakfast table, complete with post =) 

The giant house point counters. They're actually filled with tiny beads!

We visited during Animal Actors week, so I got a photo of one of the cats that played Crookshanks!
Yule Ball decorations used in Goblet of Fire.

Hogwarts Express Train Ticket
More props, including posters, letters and an opened chocolate frog

Of course, we had to try some Butterbeer!

More chess pieces (or rather-statues!) from the Philosopher's Stone
Has anyone been (or planning to go) to the Studio Tour?



  1. salam!

    How do you know that butterbeer is able to be drank?
    Not saying that it has to be certified halal; just the ingredients used in it.

    I'm visiting early next month. Excited!

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam! The member of staff at the till said that there is no alcohol in the recipe. They weren't allowed to give the exact ingredients but stated it was suitable for vegetarians and for most allergy sufferers (eg. gluten-free). Hope you have a great time! =)



  2. Replies
    1. It isn't certified halal, but it is suitable for vegetarians and doesn't contain any alcohol, so it would be okay to drink. =)



  3. hi I'm planning to go to the studio during Christmas time aside from the butterbeer is their also other food that is suitable for muslims

    1. of course loads you can try there just dont forget to ask (eg. chocolate frog)


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