You Beauty Discovery - June (Beauty Heroes)

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This month's YBD box is following on from last months and focuses on beauty products that stand-out. The products range from body-care to makeup to skincare, with a few extra goodies included in the box. From the selection available, I chose the Crown C436 Mini Duo Fibre Blender Brush and the NUDE ProGenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil (5ml).

The Crown Mini Duo Fibre Brush is the perfect size for blending in concealer. It's very soft and fairly dense, allowing you to buff in the makeup with small circular motions. I'm always on the look out for new and different brushes, so this is a good addition to my collection. I also chose the NUDE Treatment Rescue Oil as my skin has been going a bit crazy (oily, dry, sensitive and spotty). This oil is supposed to refine and clarify the skin, with key natural ingredients to help repair the skin. I'll definitely be using this over the next few weeks. The extra's included in this months box are a packet of Urban Fruit baked fruit snack, Good To Go Anywhere wipes trio, which are great for travel, and 2 Clipper tea bags in Green Tea and Red Fruits & Aronia Berry. Overall, I'm really liking this month's box, and with a retail value of approximately £17 (the brush at £7.39, and the oil working out as £9.66). These are both products that I'll be using regularly so it's definitely worth the £6,95 for the YBD box.

What do you think of this month's box?


Lush Oxford Street

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Last weekend, I made the trip to Oxford Street and of course, I had to pay a visit to the new Lush store that had opened. In simple terms, the store is amazing. It's set out over three floors, with products stocked from floor to ceiling and across every possible surface. Lush Oxford Street has all the usual Lush products as well as many more that are exclusive to this store. I did pick up a few goodies (which will come in a haul post soon!), but for now, here are some pictures from inside the store. I'd also like to mention that even though it was a very busy Saturday afternoon inside the store, the staff were very friendly and available to talk through the products to help you choose the ones best suited for you. I walked out of the store with a bag full of goodies and my purse a lot lighter =)


Some of the products I tried out =)

If you're in and around London, then you can find Lush at 175-179 Oxford Street, opposite Uniqlo and next to Marks and Spencer. The closest station is Oxford Circus and it's less than a 5 minute walk from there.


Sephora Valencia Haul

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I didn't really get to buy many beauty products from Sephora thanks to the liquid restrictions for hand luggage, but I did manage to pick up a few items to try.

I love the Sephora Smart Liner which I picked it up in Dubai and it's my go-to eyeliner, so I had to get a back up for when my current one is finished. The liner is a true black shade and has a slight sheen once dried. The shape is really the selling point, because it's small and really comfortable to hold and use (especially as I use a hand held mirror to apply my makeup) making the application of eyeliner really easy.

I also picked up a selection of Sephora Fiber Sheet Masks from the store. I like using these masks on days when I don't have time to apply a cream or clay based mask. These are really simple and easy to use, as the mask only needs to be unfolded and laid over the face. There is a wide range available in the fiber masks, for the whole face as well as for use under the eyes. I'm looking forward to trying these out over the next few weeks.

At checkout I also got a Sephora blusher sample and miniature Clarins eye contour gel. Even though I didn't buy a lot, I now have a good idea for what I'll be putting on the shopping list for my next trip to Sephora (whenever that may be) =)


Valencia 2015

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Last week, I spent a few days away in Valencia. Aside from going to visit my sister, it was just really nice to have a break from the never-ending pile of work and just enjoy the sunshine. I'll start off by saying that the weather was amazing in Valencia, averaging 29C during the day. There's something about Valencia that makes you relax. It might be the sunshine, or the local people strolling along (no London rush here!) or even just the lack of sirens that makes you want to sit back and simply enjoy the moment. It's easy to spend a few hours just sitting on the beachfront doing absolutely nothing (which is something we did!).

Of course, I couldn't leave Valencia without any shopping, but I'm glad to say that I didn't pick up a crazy amount from Sephora (haul post will be up soon). Other than a few rings and postcards, the rest of my money was spent on food, (which isn't really a surprise) and I got to enjoy Mojito Bubble Tea, Churros, Macarons and Gelato.

Anyway, here are a few of the photos I took. Enjoy =)

 Relaxing on the beachfront with this view
Bull ring near the train station

Some of the buildings and sights we saw while on the bus tour. Those pretty purple flowers were everywhere!

Valencia Nord Station - The main rail station (think King's Cross)
Watching the sunrise at the beach

I'd definitely recommend visiting Valencia if you're looking for a mini break away =)