LUSH Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

My favourite Lush bubble bar has to be Creamy Candy. I'm forever repurchasing this particular one because it smells amazing and I love that it contains little nuggets of solid bath oil. The cute flower decoration on the top also makes it more appealing as it reminds me of cake decorations. I'm more of a shower person myself, and I use Lush bubble bars in a similar way to how most people use body scrubs.

First of all, I cut up the bubble bar into a few sections (usually 6, which is enough for 6 showers) so that it can be used more than once. Once you add a little water and crush the bubble bar portion in your hands (rub your hands together so the bubble bar is more like a paste), it has a grainy texture which acts as an exfoliant to remove dead skin.

cutting up the bubble bar (no idea why I used scissors instead of a knife) =S

Alternatively, you could use it in the traditional way and dissolve the bubble bar into your bath tub and have a very sweet, pink bath! =)

Anyone else use products in a different way than they are supposed to be used?



  1. I have no idea as to why I fell hungry after reading this post =S

    Great post. I want to buy it just to cut it into 6 pieces - that looks like so much fun!

    1. Lol hungry? I doubt this would taste as nice as it smells! No idea why I used scissors instead of a knife to cut it up, but I like that all the crumbles can be pressed together again, so none of it is wasted =)


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