HFW Nov 2011 - Day 1

HFW Nov 2011 has started! =)

Leaders in Hijab: (future) Teacher

I'm an undergraduate Psychology student at the moment, but inshaAllah I am hoping to do a PGCE course which will allow me to to teach Psychology to 14-19 year olds. A teacher's outfit depends on the students that they are teaching. For example, you would not wear heels if you're a teacher in a primary school. I think the outfit should be comfortable enough to move around in, but still be professional (no jeans allowed!).

HFW 2011 Day 1

I created this look in Polyvore, an outfit I would wear as a teacher (if I wasn't wearing an abaya). Includes a flowy tunic dress, wide-leg trousers, smart heels, and a purple hijab (to add a splash of colour. Accessorised with a purple satchel style bag and long gold necklace. Simple yet effective. (and don't forget the much needed post-it notes!)

Check out the outfits from other participants here and look out for the HFW Day 2 outfit tomorrow =)



  1. Nice! I would have loved to seen you wearing it :) Good luck! xx

  2. Thanks @romaseba and @Roshni. Look out for outfits for the rest of HFW =)


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