Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish [review]

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I bought the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth cleanser from John Lewis at Stratford City Westfield on the opening day. I've only started using it from around mid-October, as I was previously using the Vitamin E Cleanser and Toner from The Body Shop, and wanted to finish using that first. Luckily for me, one of my friends was looking for a cleanser to take with her on holiday, so I (gladly) let her take both the cleanser and toner to use. I have to be honest and say that on most days, I remove my makeup with baby wipes as my makeup isn't heavy or full face and really is just removing eyeliner and mineral foundation. This routine hasn't changed, but I've started to use Cleanse and Polish on the days (nights?) when I have more makeup on than I would on a normal day, usually at the weekend.

I really like the smell of Cleanse and Polish. The eucalyptus is definitely present and there is just something about the smell which (subconsciously) makes me think the product will work. I also like the pump dispenser as it deposits just the right amount to cover my face and neck. I have combination/sensitive skin due to an oily t-zone and eczema, which makes it difficult to find skin care products that work for me. Fortunately I have not experienced any irritation or issues from using this product, so I would recommend this product to others with a similar skin type.The cleanser also removes waterproof and stubborn makeup, so this great for when I'm wearing make-up to last for a whole day (like on Eid!). I know that the two step routine of using a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser can be a bit time consuming, but it is worth the extra time and effort because you can actually see all the makeup and dirt being removed on the cloth (not to mention the money being saved by not buying cotton wool pads). Alos, there is just something about the two-step routine that makes it a bit more fancier(?) than cleanser soaked cotton wool pads (although that might just be my imagination).

I can see this bottle lasting me a good few months before it needs to be repurchased and it works so well, I think it justifies the price and I'm glad I picked it up.

Anyone else who uses Cleanse and Polish? What do you think of it?



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