Lipbalm Collection

What can I say...Some people collect stamps, others collect coins, I collect lipbalms (alongside other things). I thought I'd do a quick review post on the lipbalms that I do own =)

First up is my favourite and I'm consistently repurchasing. Regardless of how many flavours they do release, the formula is pretty consistent and works wonders. Of course I'm talking about Carmex! My favourite is the mint, however, I haven't tried the Strawberry Carmex yet, so that's the next one to buy. I prefer the tube version rather than the tin, as it's a lot softer, whereas in the tin the Carmex is solid, so it takes a bit of work to get some out. Some people don't like the smell, but I have to say it's not too overpowering.

Next is the Body Shop 'Born Lippy' lip balm in Passionberry. Yesterday, I thought I had lost the Passionberry one, so I went out and bought the Raspberry lip balm. Then I come home to find it sitting innocently at the bottom of my bag! I love the smell of the passionberry one because it is really fruity. Although the texture is kinda sticky, it doesn't really affect me much and this is one that I leave in my uni bag to carry everyday.

The other Body Shop 'Born Lippy'  I own is called Cool Mint. I don't think it's available any more and it is a shimmery white lip balm. It definately smells minty (a bit like toothpaste) and the texture is not as sticky as the Passionberry lip balm. However, it applies white onto lips, so I'm not a big fan of the Cool Mint (it's gonna take me ages to use!).

Another lip balm in my collection is the Nivea Lip Care Light Kiss. It's more of a cream than a balm, which makes it sort of a miss for me. The 'balm' is solid in the pot, but after you swirl your finger around, it becomes the consistency of something like watery cream (very thin). This makes it a really light 'balm' to use, however it's not very moisturing and doesn't last very long. It definately smells like Nivea cream, so I do like that. Personally I'm not a big fan of the product.

Next, I have the Candy Shop Lip Tin in Berry Pop from E.L.F cosmetics. Firstly, I have to say, this particular lip tin doesn't smell all that great. My sister owns the Candy Fix one, which smells a bit better, but I think they just have that chemically-enhance fruit smell, which is completely different to the Body Shop Lip Balms. The texture is sticky and feels a bit heavy on the lips, although it is moisturising on the lips. I think these Lip Tins have been discontinued by E.L.F. (they're not available on the website) but hopefully they'll bring out something similar because I do like the size and tin style of the product.

I think this product seems to be a staple in everyone's household. It's the Vaseline Lip Therapy! There's a range of Vaseline Lip Therapies available, each with added extracts to help soot and moisturise lips. They also come in both stick and tin form, which gives you a choice depending on which style you prefer. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Vaseline Lip Therapy, although they are there incase of an emergency (not that I'll be having one any time soon!) or if anyone asks if you have a lip balm/vaseline on you =)

The 'I love...Raspberry & Blackberry' Lip balm is a Lip Balm which is a sort of hit and miss for me. I bought this in Ethel Austin (before they shut down) however, the 'I Love..' range is now available in Superdrug. This balm smells okay, it's not too strong but it's not completely unscented. I find that the balm isn't moisturing enough for me, although it does give a faint pinkish tint to my lips, which is kinda cool.

lip balm collection (not a very clear picture)

So that's my (ever growing) collection of lip balms. What are your favourites and which one's do you not like so much?



  1. wow!! u remind me of my sister. she loves to collect lip balm. but she never use it. only a few lol


  2. Lol, my sister also collects lip balms (like me) although I think her colleciton is bigger, even though she only uses 2 or 3 =)


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