HFW Nov 2011 - Day 2

Hobby/Recreation: Too many to name

Reading, Canvas Painting, Scrapbooking, Jewellery Making, Henna, Baking Cupcakes just to list a few! Basically all things creative =)

Here's a few of my current craft projects:

Decorated 'A' monogram

Mini Canvas

Scrapbooking my 18th birthday (a few years late!)

Recreational time for me means to relax and de-stress. This translates to a comfortable and casual outfit, which I don't mind getting a bit messy.

HFW 2011 Day 2

Here I've gone for a long sleeve t-shirt dress, dark wide-leg jeans and a pair of converse, paired with a polka dot hijab and woven friendship bracelets to accessorise. The outfit is also in one of my favourite colours, pink!

Check out the rest of the outfit entries for Day 2 here =)



  1. Your decorated 'A' monogram is beautiful! x

  2. love the A and the arabic calligraphy is beautiful Masha'Allah ! :)
    i would love to take it (arabic calligraphy) as a hobby - any beginner tips ?


  3. @ Making it happen - thank you! and no tips as such but just to go with the flow. The canvas in the picture was done with acrylic paint and I used a thick flat brush =) I haven't taken any calligraphy classes, just inspiration from what people have already created (there are some amazingly talented artists out there!).

    I suppose one tip would be that you don't need to spend a fortune. My canvases are from the 99p/pound shops and so are the paint brushes. If anything, just buy decent quality acrylic paint (still doesn't have to be expensive though). Oh! and always draw/sketch the writing first before painting!

    Good luck with the calligraphy andwould love to see your work on your blog!



  4. Thnk you for the tips and I'm even more motivated knowing you haven't even taken classes Masha'Allah & i won't have to pay a fortune lol :)
    I'm definitely going to make time to pursue this as a long term goal & if good enough, then hopefully post up work on my blog in sha Allah :D.

  5. P.s any artists you would recommend ?

  6. @ Making it happen - Definitely give it a go! When I look for inspiration, I basically search Google images for 'islamic canvas art' or 'arabic canvas art'. The canvases are either painted or printed, and I these are great (especially if you're like me and have no clue how to do arabic calligraphy).
    I know on facebook there are quite a few people who sell bespoke canvases (again search for canvas art or something similar) which can be made according to design/colour specifications with various messages/names etc. Basically just have a browse at what others are doing and be inspired =)

    And there are so many different styles of arabic calligraphy to choose from =)

  7. thanks again, will definitely check out other styles as the only two i know are traditional and graffiti lol :)


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