HFW Nov 2011 - Day 3

Break the Rules: Abaya + Trainers

Actually, I was going to 'break' a different fashion rule, until I realised that it has become a fashion trend itself. Nevertheless, I have still incorporated this 'not-so-broken' rule into my outfit =)

Abaya and trainers are not really a good combination (in my opinion). Especially when you're wearing a fancy, blinged-out abaya (but I didn't wear mine for Today's theme). However, seeing as I can't walk in heels, and there are some days when I can't be bothered to wear flat shoes/boots, trainers are the only footwear option available (did I mention I hate showing my feet? That rules out sandals!). Anyways, here's my outfit for HFW day 3 =)

Also, the other not-so-broken rule is the mixing/clashing of colours and patterns. But like I said before, it's becoming the norm to wear different colours/patterns in an outfit.

(click image for a bigger picture)

Abaya: Green Street (can't remember store name)
Hijab: Bella Maxi Hoojab (Pearl Daisy)
Trainers: Nike (JD Sports)
Bag: Accessorize
Bracelet and Pearl Hijab Pin: handmade by me

Yay for actual photographs!

Outfits from everyone else who is participating can be seen here =)



  1. This is so cute, mashaAllah! This is def a fashion rule that's meant to be broken!


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