HFW Nov 2011 - Day 4

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Vacation/Destination: Malaysia

I would love to go on holiday to Malaysia! I think the scenery alone would be my reason to go (green everywhere - such a contrast to London!), but authentic Malaysian food is definitely something I would love to try. Also, Malaysian women always seem to look great no matter what they wear =)

Maxi Dress: Risky
Cardigan: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Bag: New Look (seems to be a trend here)
Hijab and Lace headband: Green Street
Bracelet (on the right): Queens Market, Green Street
Bracelets (on the left): handmade by me
Ring: Gift

I paired a cardigan with the maxi dress so I wouldn't have to wear a long sleeve top underneath. Also, as the cardigan sleeves are a bit wide, I wore the bracelets over the sleeve so my arms wouldn't be exposed (also means that the bracelets can be seen!). This bag is one that I use when I'm going out and don't want to carry a lot of things. Perfect for a small coin purse and camera =)

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  1. malaysiaaa !!! thts wer id lov to go:) loveliii dress xx



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