Project 10 Pan: Take II #2

The second product to have been finished is the Kyphi body butter from The Sanctuary. I purchased this ages ago at Boots Clearance, but made a more conscious effort to use it up this past few weeks. I'm actually quite sad that this is finished because it smells wonderful,  and leaves a lingering perfume scent on my skin (for a while). Moisturising enough for dry skin (I used this on my arms mostly) and a smooth non greasy texture meant it was easily absorbed into the skin. I'm not sure if it's sold anymore but I would have assumed that it was sold as part of a set. The current set of three being sold is the Sanctuary Ultimate Moisture Trio.

Tried any other Sanctuary products? What did you think?



  1. I had this as part of a set and it was amazing! the smell really felt like i was in a spa and added a little bit of luxury. All of sanctuary's body butters are worth every penny x

    1. Definitely agree that it feels and smells luxurious! Once I've finished the rest of my body lotions/butters I'll be getting a full size Sanctuary body butter =)


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