Hijabi Tip: Hijab Pin Storage

As a Hijabi, I am forever losing pins and buying new ones. Especially those small straight pins that never seem to stay in one place. Here's a few idea's on how to store your hijab pins so that they're easily accessible and easy to find.

#1 - Pin Cushion. I have this cute cupcake pin cushion which was purchased at the Smoky not Smudgy event back in November from Chic Hijabs and Accessories. I love the combination of deep purple velvet and the bold pink silicon case, along with the flower embellishment. This pin cushion sits on my desk and holds the pins that I use everyday as well as a few fancy stick pins. I also store my no-snag hijab pins on here, simply leave them open and poke the pin in the cushion. Before I had this, I used to stick my pins in a small cork round, but the pin cushion holds way more pins and looks a lot nicer on my desk =)

#2 - Pin Wheels. I purchased my stick pins from one of the pound shops along the High Street. I got 8 pin wheels for just £1. You might call me obsessive, but I colour co-ordinated my pin wheels so that they each hold a different colour group. This way, when I want to co-ordinate the colour of my hijab pins to an outfit, all I have to do is pull out one pin wheel! These pinwheels are stacked in a drawer in my desk so that they're out of the way, but still within reach when I'm putting on my hijab. This is also a great way to transport your hijab pins =)

#3 Mini Jars. These miniature jars used to hold seed beads, and I got them as part of a jewellery making kit from the 99p store (a few years ago). You can find similar jars at a hobby and craft supply store, apothecary supply store or on Amazon (like these). I use these to store my chain hijab pins.

#4 Votive Candle Holder. These are the perfect height for hijab pins that are really long. I simply hang the hijab pin pendant over the edge. In the middle of the candle holder, I have a mini ziploc bag which holds hair grips/bobby pins. This also helps stop the pins from falling out. The candle holder sits on my shelf and the pins with super long pendants can hang over the edge =)

#5 Trinket/Jewellery Box. I store my hair slides in a small trinket box. I don't have a huge collection of these so they fit nicely into the box. Although it is a bit of a pain when the one you want to wear is lurking at the bottom, and the box has to be emptied out. At least these pins don't have a sharp point, so there's no risk of hurting yourself =)

I hope you've found these storage ideas useful. Let me know in the comments, how do you store your hijab pins?



  1. Some great ideas :)

    I store mine in a little trinket box x

  2. @Pyari Beauty- I have too many pins! They don't fit in a trinket box =P


  3. Love the cushion & little box - gorgeous. !

    All I have is one chain hijab pin - good enough for me for now lool

  4. @ Muslima M.I.H Thank you! I wish I could only use one pin, but it seems that the only way to keep my hijab from flying away is to use 3 or sometimes 4 pins! =)


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