Dining Out: Sizzling Palate

Over the weekend I was in Bolton for a wedding and on Saturday night went out with a few family friends to a restaurant called Sizzling Palate located in Bolton Town Centre. I didn't manage to get a picture of my outfit, but plenty of pictures of the food. Instead of boring you with words, I'll just show you what delicious food we ate!


Steak Knife and Fork!

Strawberry Mojito mocktail

Raspberry Mojito mocktail

Tandoori Mixed Grill starter

Tandoori Mixed Grill starter (again) with Mango Lassi in the background

Main courses (Sizzlers) and a selection of sauces. One is chicken and the other is prawn.

Steak Sizzlers (both are actually two different items on the menu, although they look the same)

Sizzling Palate Special Steak Sizzler

Portions were large, so each Sizzler was shared between two of us. They basically contained meat/chicken/prawn with servings of chips, rice and noodles (or pasta), and grilled vegetables. The food was great and I did like that the food was served on hot iron plates (hence the name Sizzling Palate). There was a range of other dishes available but we went for the classic sizzlers. Was definitely a good night out in the rather quiet town of Bolton! If anyone's planning to go, I would definitely recommend booking a table because it was very busy!

Anyone know of some good restaurants in the Northern part of England?



  1. food sure looks good
    i loveeee mixed grilss :D
    piks makin me hungryy

    soso xoxox

    1. Was defintitely good! And grilled food is the best =D

  2. Drool-worthy pictures! Hehe. Making me feel hungry, too!

    1. Thank you! Not bad quality considering they were taken on a phone =)


  3. ive been there and the portions are huge! The food is also good! Theres also another good food place in bolton that everyone goes on about, i cant remember the name! Its a bit dumpy inside but they do great streak and chips.

    If u like thai check out Fuzion in fallowfield, manchester-its my fav place!! Also eastZeast near manchester uni is always good. Falafel on wilmslow rd is good for arab food and the salads are very tasty and great prices. If you're after a kebab you can't go wrong with Abduls on wilmslow rd or oxford rd :)

    1. The portions were huge-I'm so glad that we ordered to share! Will definitely have to try out more places to eat next time (and more exploring in Manchester) =D
      Going for a day trip in May, so I won't have a chance then unfortunately =(


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