The Big Egg Hunt London

If you're following me on twitter, you would know that last Thursday I went to Covent Garden to see the eggs from The Big Egg Hunt. Between 21st February to 3rd April over 200 decorated eggs were displayed across London, and they were then all displayed in and around the Covent Garden Piazza until yesterday. The eggs were auctioned off and TBEH merchandise sold, helping raise awareness and money for the two charities Action for Children and Elephant Family. Last year, there were elephants displayed around London, and this year's eggs are a symbol that represent new life, a fresh start and hope for the future. I thought it would be fun just to see all the different designs and creations, while recording how many I could actually find.

Here are a few snapshots from my day out =)

No 169: Egg Letter Box

Close up of No 126: Love is Life

No 93: Where's Wally?

Close up of No 81: Scrambled Egg City

Eggs hanging from the ceiling of the Covent Garden Piazza

Bow tie Galore! No 182: The Prep Egg

One of my favourites! No 207: Eggs & Soldiers

Love the detailing on this egg =) No 27: Samara

Did anyone see the eggs on their way around London over the past few weeks?



  1. The first & last pic and ones the ones hanging i love !

    i loved seeing the elephants last year too :)


    1. Thank you! I had so many pictures, so I had to pick a few (out of the 200+) to post! Last year I actaully went 'hunting' for the elephants whereas this year I just saw all the eggs at Covent Garden =)


  2. lool you made great choices and I would love to see what they do next year, it would be nice to try a hunt :)


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