Lush: A treat to myself

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I've always thought of Lush products as treat purchases rather than everyday essentials. The result of popping into one the many Lush stores in London, is a bag filled with Each Peach... Massage Bar, Tiny Hands Massage Bar and the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub. I love the massage bars because they are solid moisturisers and all you have to do is rub them over your *insert body part here*. I like to use them on my hands and arms, although I probably gain a few weird looks when I end up sniffing my arm (simply because the smell is so good). The Sweet Lips Lip Scrub requires no explaination given my love for lip balms and associated products. Also, I found out that when you buy two massage bars, you get a storage tin for free (which can also be bought for £2.95). Just a note: The scent of a Lush store just makes you want to have a look around inside (it smells divine!). Even if you're in a rush, you just have to slow down and smell the air just outside of the store =)

Love the smell of these products (although the rest were pretty tempting too!)

Anyone else treated themselves lately? =)


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  1. Great haul!


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