100+ Reading Challenge May Update

As of yesterday (31/05/2011) I have finished reading 23 books, which (if you do the maths) is quite bad. I've read less than a quarter of the books and we're already half way through the year. It is exam time at the moment, but hopefully I should be able to read some (77!) after they're over. Check out what I've read here.

In other news, my laptop was infected by a virus so the hard-drive was wiped clean and now I have to figure out how to use the updated version of Windows (which is a pain and doesn't look very nice). Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sunshine (in the UK) and looking forward to the summer! I know I am =)



  1. I am lagging behind with my reading task. I have mashallah sooo many books! but I just have difficulty in finding time, so if you would like to read more often, read until you fall asleep, when you are waiting at some place, when you are travelling, well I try to read even when i am walking but try it out only if you know the place too well.Otherwise, you might end up walking into something :P

  2. I find it difficult to read when I'm out and about (don't know why though). Although I do carry a book around with me when I'm going on the underground, it never seems to be completed =/

    And I need to visit the library soon =D


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