Hijabi Tip: Bangles

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As hijabies, many of us may find it difficult to accessorise our outfits. I mean basically with hijab, you can't wear earrings, unless you do a hijab style which does allow for earrings (will be shown in another post), you can't wear necklaces, unless they are the extra long necklaces or you find a way to adapt your hijab (again, will be covered in another post). So you're practically left with the options of bangles and rings. Bangles are an easy way to accessorise a hijabi outfit and they come in so many styles and colours. Chunky bangles, super thin bangles, wooden/fabric/plastic bangles, diamante (i.e. bling) bangles, glitter bangles, enamelled bangles, bangles with charms, clustered bangles, (you get the point now). Also, with bangles they can be worn over the sleeve of your top/dress/abaya/jilbab or underneath. And you can choose to wear as few or as many as you like =)

majority of my bangle collection-from a range of indian clothes stores and high street shops

worn over black sleeves

Hope you enjoyed this Hijabi Tip =)



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