Superdrug: Collection 2000 and MUA Pro

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Regarding makeup, the one product I cannot live without (not including lip balms here!) is eyeliner. Be it liquid, gel, cream or pencil eyeliner, it has to line my eyes when I'm going out of the house. There's just something about eyeliner which makes it one of those essential everyday makeup products. So there's no surpirse that I picked up both the Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Liner, and the new MUA Pro 3in1 Contour Pen (in black). I also picked up the MUA Pro Mosaic Blusher, as I'm (slowly) building up a collection of blushers.

 Collection 2000 Liner and Swatch- I love this liner as it's so easy to use and requires minimal effort. Simply use as a felt tip pen and draw along the top lash line. It can be as thin or thick as you make it and the pigmentation is super dark!

MUA Pro Mosaic Blusher and Contour Pen swatches: I'm not too keen on the blusher as it's quite shimmery, and as I'm not skilled in applying blusher, I definately need to practise first! The contour pen has a waxy texture and I'm currently using it to line the bottom lash line or the water line. It's not as dark as other eyeliners that I've tried, but it may work as a base for a smokey eye look.

Have you bought any makeup recently?



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