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I've been hooked on this website called Sporcle, which is basically a site filled with quizzes. And not just boring quizzes! They are actually pretty interesting, ranging from classic subjects (like science and history) to more amusing quizzes based on movies and entertainment. Of course, if you're like me then you'll use the search box and type in a random topic that you might want to test your knowledge on. In my case, that would be food and books. There's also a time limit in which you finish the quiz, and this ranges depending on the actual quiz. You even get daily quizzes, if you want to do them every day =D

Favourite Quizzes : Harry Potter Top 200 (first quiz I ever did), US States (which I am really bad at naming!), Elements Abbreviation (for the science nerd in me)


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  1. Randomly stumbled across this and it reminded me of my addiction too! I loved the US states and I learned all of the African countries. I wonder if I still remember them...


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