Boxing Day Sales

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The Next Sale in particular.

Anyone who has ever been to boxing day sales will definitely know about the Next sale. I think they are the definition of post-Christmas sales. Standing in the cold waiting for the store to open at exactly 5am (if you're lucky it'll be a really small crowd, rather than an huge orderly queue complete with security and barriers). A mad rush to get inside and start shopping. People picking up whatever they can grab. Sitting in a corner trying to figure out if you can manage to make it across the store. Dealing with other shoppers who have just picked up what you were about to. Standing in the (ridiculously long) queue sorting out what you want and what you don't. Dumping what you don't want before you reach the tills. And then trying to get out of the store once you've finished paying. Then (if you're still in the mood for bargain hunting) finding another Next store and starting the process all over again!

This year, Next sales are starting on Monday 27th December, and most (if not all) stores will be open from 5am! (The online sale has already started). I'll be there on Monday morning along with the rest of the population who decide to brave the cold weather in order for some great bargains. I know Internet shopping is what it's all about at the moment, but there is just something special (or mad!) about being out and about shopping while the rest of the country is still fast asleep. And quite frankly, not everything on sale is listed on the website, so I'll be able to pick up what I want. If I can get to it =)

Good luck to all those who are braving the cold weather and going sale shopping. Have Fun =D



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