Haircut =)

Just because I wear a scarf on my head, does not mean that I don't/can't cut my hair. Personally, I prefer short(er) hair, simply because it's easier to maintain and puts less weight on my head. This is important because my hair falls out quite a bit, so less weight = less hair falling out. Currently my hair length is about 2-3 inches above my elbow. I'm thinking of getting it cut so it is a bit longer than shoulder length and probably with layers. That means I can still tie it up =) . Also, I kinda have a baldish patch along my hairline, where there really isn't a lot of hair so I'd like to have a side parting to cover that up (not that anyone will see it anyway!). Hopefully aiming for a haircut that looks something like this hairstyle on Emma Watson (however I only wish my hair was straight!)

What do you think?



  1. hi dear, im wondering how do u maintain long hair?? all this time, the length of my hair will b between elbow to shoulder sumtimes above shoulder . but now i would love to keep it long. but my hair tends to fall alot n it gets oily very fast tho i wash my hair everyday. any good advices that u wana share :)


  2. Up until about 5 years ago, my hair used to be really long (reaching my lower back), but I noticed it kept falling out, so I keep it shorter now.

    I don't wash my hair everyday, maybe 2-3 times a week. Definately ask your doctor/ pharmacist/ hairdresser if there is a medical condition related to the hair loss (eg.stress, eating habits, hormones etc.) and they could have some advice. Also, it could be the shampoo/conditioner that you are using. Try using something a little different, one specifically for oily hair (it might be called a clarifying shampoo).

    Personally, I have eczema which is close to the hairline, so I use a prescribed shampoo and then a deep conditioner. With oily hair, it is best not to use conditioner everyday, maybe once/twice a week.

    Hope that helps =)

  3. thank you so much sweety. well im so sure stress is 1 of the reason. so sure about this :(


  4. just try not to stress so much! or have a way to relax yourself everytime you feel like you're stressed =)


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