Sale shopping: What I got

Waking up at 3:30am yesterday in order to get to Next by 5:00am was definitely worth it. I'm not an impulsive shopper because I have to really think about the item, whether it will be worth buying and will I use it. Also, I'm more of an accessories person, and out of all that I bought, only one piece is clothing! We managed to get to two Next stores, so I'll list everything that I got from them. Compared to other people, I barely got anything at all, though there were some great bargains and this is what I picked up.

Side Bag-£6, Purse-£3, Perfume-£3, Candles-£2, Reed Diffuser-£2, Sweet Mango Lip balm-£1

Along side the Next stuff, I picked up a pair of trousers from River Island for £12 (bargain!). Managed to also get the Philosophy Lip Gloss Gift Set (from my wish list) at John Lewis and it was reduced down to £8.25. That's just over £2 per lip gloss, which is incredible. Bought a Papaya Lip Butter from Body Shop for £2 (can you spot the trend?) and the High Moisture Hemp Balm (not on sale). I think that I did pretty well, considering I was half asleep and it was still before 10am!

I also had a look around Debenhams, H&M, BHS and Zara, although I didn't manage to find anything in them, but there was definitely a lot more in the stores that was not displayed on the websites. All in all, I think it was a very productive sale shopping spree (even though my sister bought more than me!). I'll probably have go to all the local stores (Boots, New Look, Primark etc.) during the next two weeks, after the crowds have disappeared =)

Did anyone else go sale shopping?



  1. aaah the sales.. u got som good deals ther!

  2. wow soo cheap!!! but change the money to malaysian ringgit errm overall it cost almost rm100 or more.


  3. Yep, was definitely a bargain. I think I spent around £45 GBP overall, which isn't too bad. Some people spent over £200 in Next alone!



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