Boxing Day Sales 2012 - Haul

This year I actually did get to do a little shopping on Boxing Day. Last year, I didn't do any sale shopping, so this time I decided to treat myself as well as pick up a few essentials. And here's what I got:

My Boxing Day Sale haul!

Close up of the stackable rings =)

From Next (which believe it or not, still had a long queue of people waiting to go in at 4pm, even though the store opened at 6am), I picked up a standard pack of ankle socks and a set of stackable rings (not very exciting, I know). Boots had 50% off all their christmas gift sets, so I bought the Soap & Glory Shower Trip case, which contains 6 travel size products and a rather handy (and large) bag, which will be perfect when I'm travelling. I also took advantage of the 50% off offer at Lush and got hold of one of the last few 500ml bottles of Snow Fairy in the store, which cost me just over £5. Superdrug also have plenty of offers going on at the moment, and one that caught my eye was a selection of Simple products priced at £2 each. My sister is currently using the Simple hydrating light moisturiser, and she really likes it (I'll try and get her to do a review), so I picked up the replenishing one, which is more suited for my dry skin as it's a rich moisturiser.

The one piece of clothing that I got was a black jersey maxi skirt, from a shop called Select Fashion. It wasn't on sale, but only cost me £10 (and there are lots more colours availableon the website). Not sure exactly when and how I'm going to wear it, so if you have any idea's, do let me know!

I forgot to have a look at shoes/boots so I'll probably be going back next week (hopefully when the crowds have all gone) =)

Did anyone pick up any good bargains during the boxing day sales?



  1. yay boxing day haul post!
    I stayed in my PJs all day today for once, I actually missed going to the sales but I reckon I'll go after New Years when everyone's back to work.. we should go together and of course get bubble tea ;)

    I really wanna check the Snow Fairy thing out and love soap & glory so can't wait to finally shop lol!

  2. Great haul! I love those stack rings!
    Trying to get 100 subs by 2013... Follow me?
    -Jen <3

  3. I've just finished using the moisturiser your sister is using, it's great, especially under foundation! Xoxo

  4. Good news for all! Boxing week starts from 26th December and brings the biggest VPN sale ever. Before the year ends get the best VPN deal from Boxing Day Sale 2018.


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