Latest in Beauty Stocking Filler Box

You know that when it comes to Christmas, there's going to be plenty of beauty products and gifts around to buy. I was actually really tempted to purchase an advent calender this year, because even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I can still treat myself to what is essentially a set of sample/mini luxury products. The main one that I had my eye on was the Selfridge's Beauty Advent Calender, but couldn't justify spending that much money (plus it's sold out, so I don't a have a chance of getting it now). Luckily, Latest in Beauty have come up with a collection of Stocking Filler boxes, each one filled with a different selection of goodies. I chose to get the Editor's Faves Stocking Filler Box, as I knew that I would use most (if not all) of the products that came inside. The box cost £19.95 and I was lucky enough to order last weekend when they had free shipping (which would have cost £2.95).

And it arrived yesterday!

It contains:
BioEffect EGF Serum (3ml)
Steamcream Nourishing Moisturiser (75g)
ESPA Lift & Firm Intensive Eye Serum (3ml) & Moisturiser (7ml) (inside the purple box)
Aromatherapy Associated Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil (3ml)
Trilogy Rosehip Oil Anitoxidant + (2.5ml)
Jo Hansford Intensive Masque (40ml)
Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (7.5ml)
Richard Ward Volumiser Root Booster (50ml)
L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (10ml)
Mont Bleu Crystal Nail File (90mm)

There's a few products that I'm really keen to try (and are the reason as to why I chose this box over the other two options). I'm loving the full-size Steam Cream tin, as this is a product that I've always wanted to try and the packaging is so pretty! The BioEffect EGF Serum sample is also another product that I'm looking forward to using as the full size product is pretty pricey! The Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation will also be interesting to try (and it contains spf 30 sunscreen, which is an added bonus). The mini Mont Bleu glass nail file will be handy to keep in my bag when I'm out and about.

Has anyone else picked up a beauty advent calender or something similar? What do you think of this stocking filler box?



  1. Hey I love your blog pop over to mine sometime :) xoxox coleoftheballl33

  2. That looks like a great bunch of stuff. I love things like this!

  3. ooooh nice bunch of stuff, I can't remember if it was you I was talking to about rosehip oil but the trilogy one in this box is the one my old customers used to rave on about re: acne.. make sure you use it, otherwise I'll buy it off you for clients! ;) xx


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