Who is attending Shimmer and Shine 2012?

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Shimmer and Shine is Charity Week's biggest Inter-University Ladies Fashion Event! After last year's successful event (which I unfortunately did not have the chance to attend), this year Shimmer and Shine is back again on November 4th to raise money for charity. All money raised will go to Islamic Relief towards helping orphans and needy children across the globe. For more information about the CW program, visit: www.onecharityweek.com. 

DATE: Sunday 4th November (12:30pm onwards)
VENUE: St George’s University of London, SU area and Boardrooms, 2nd Floor Hunter Wing

TICKET PRICE: £8 (Includes entrance to the fashion show plus a complimentary drink)

So, who's going to be attending? I am! In fact, I'll be behind a stall at Shimmer and Shine selling handpainted canvases =) The highlight of the day will be the unique fashion show which will demonstrate how a Muslimah can be modest and stylish at the same time. There will be henna and makeup artists alongside hair and hijab stylists! Of course, there's also stalls selling everything from jewellery to food and anything in between. Check out the Shimmer and Shine website (here), and the Facebook event page (here). Come and raise some money for charity week and enjoy a ladies day out. Why not come with a group of friends and have a day out =)



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  1. I remember this being a big thing at uni as I was quite involved with charity week. Hope the stall goes well inshAllah :)



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