Creative DIY Inspiration

I'm currently on the hunt for a job, so I thought why not use my time productively as well as get a bit creative at the same time. I'm already painting canvases (click the tab above to go to my canvas art facebook page), but I've also been inspired by a lot of other tutorials (some of them I found by accident!). Here's a few pictures of what I have been up to, as well as links to a few more inspiring DIY blog posts. If you have anymore to share, feel free to leave the links in the comments =)

Making some embellished friendship bracelets. Tutorials can be found here (for the bracelet) and here (for the embellishments). I used ribbon ends, lobster clasps and some chain to make the closures, because I didn't leave enough thread on either end to tie the bracelets together.

Mini shamballa style zebra bead bracelets - Perfect gifts for little kids.

Henna pattern in acrylic paint on my pocket mirror.
Fill up a cone applicator with acrylic paint and henna away =)

And here's a few more DIY posts that I haven't yet tried out. They do look pretty cool though.

DIY Brush Holders by EpiphannieA: If I didn't have enough storage pots already, I would definitely get creative with some spray paint and jam jars!

Two Finger Rings by The Creative Muslimah: One day I will get around to makeing these. The video tutorial makes it look so easy!

DIY Cute Cushion Covers by MangoWhirl: Love the paisley print on these cushion covers and they make such a pretty addition to a couch or bed =)

The Creative Muslimah's twisted bow earstud tutorial : I'd probably use this tutorial in a slightly different way (because no-one sees my ears) and put the bows on pins (or something similiar) =)



  1. Love these! I especially like the phone covers you've decorated (instagram) MashAllah they are amazing!


  2. Love the bracelets! And the mirror looks amazing!!
    Never thought of actually "using acryl as henna", but the effect is truly amazing.


  3. I love the henna'd mirror it looks really pretty. :)


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