Autumn/Winter Boots : Bring on the Rain (not really)

I really need to go on a spending ban soon, as I've been buying quite a bit over the past few weeks. In my defense, I'm adjusting my wardrobe for the colder months which have arrived (a little too early for my liking).
My most recent purchase is this pair of High Leg Chelsea boots from New Look, which I purchased for just under £20 (with student discount). I chose the high leg boots as they will stop my feet and legs from getting wet when it's raining, especially as the bottom half of my abaya gets soaked (especially from the knees down). I love the brown colour, which is perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons and they make a nice change from the usual black boots. These are also wide fit boots and have a low heel, which means that they are practical and comfortable, and also don't squash my feet (also perfect for wearing with thick, winter socks). Not too sure about how these will hold up when it starts to snow but I'll definitely be making use of these boots in the next few months (I have a separate pair of boots for when the snow arrives!) =)

Tan (Stone ) Wide Fit Brown High Leg Buckle Chelsea Boots | 256628818 | New Look
(excuse the photo from the website. I couldn't get a decent picture with my camera)

Expect to see a few OOTD posts soon featuring these boots (especially as it's been raining quite a bit).

What do you think? Have you started wearing outfits from your autumn/winter wardrobe?



  1. I've started layering my outfits and adding jumpers to them. Need to go coat shopping but I'm dreading it-I have size issues. Watch out for a post on it!


    1. I need to buy some jumpers! And cut off the sleeves from one of my abaya's so it doesn't look bulky =S Looking forward to your blog post, I still have my coat from last year which is in pretty good condition (but I feel like getting a new one, maybe a dark coloured one rather than black) =)


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