October Empties

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Fewer empties this month than last month, however I haven't bought much either so maybe that's why! (If I buy more, then I feel like I have to use up more products). Anyway, Psychology aside, here are the products that have been used up this month.

Dabur Amla Hair Oil - I use this as a conditioning treatment before I wash my hair. A more detailed hair care blog post will be coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that! Unfortunately, amla oil has a really strong smell so I'll most likely be switching to almond or coconut oil (but will be repurchasing this as a backup plan) =)

Sure Women Clear Diamond Deodrant - Pretty standard deodrant that doesn't leave white marks and smells quite nice. I bought this when it was on offer as I'm not too fussy about what deodrants I use, as long as they work =)

No7 Extreme Length Mascara (travel size) - I picked this up in Boots Clearance ages ago and I'm actually quite fond of this mascara. I don't wear mascara on a regular basis, mostly because I am constantly rubbing my eyes, and also because really long lashes and glasses don't mix well! This mascara is perfect for lengthening the lashes without being too over the top. Some might say that that might not be 'extreme length' but it's enough for me! The wand also manages to define each lash and a few coats of the mascara doesn''t leave you with clumpy eyelashes. Once I get through the rest of my mascara collection (both full and travel size) I shall be purchasing this one. Hopefully with the help of a No7 voucher =)

Natural Collection Blusher in Sugar Plum - This is a repurchase which has also been finished! I love the natural collection blushers as they are super cheap (£1.99) and have enough colour to give a natural looking blush. Also they are matte (no shimmer or glitter whatsoever) which I am a big fan of! Will also be repurchasing this (after I've made use of a few of my other blushers) =)

Not as many empties as last month, but still a fair few. What have you been using this month?


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  1. I've used Dabur Amla hair oil a few times before washing my hair too. I leave it on my hair overnight :)


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