Helay Scarves [review]

[Note:Picture Heavy Post]

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen my tweet two weeks ago (16/2/2012) about recieving the Adora scarf that I purchased from Helay scarves. Helay scarves is company which is currently based on Facebook. They handstitch all their designs and provide a customisable service where you can order a scarf in different colour's or different types of fabric. The collection is small but I think it's perfect considering that each scarf is handmade. All scarves are 200x60cm.

There was a bit of a problem with the shipping (it got sent back to Helay) but good customer service meant that they were able to send it back to me within a few days (with plenty of emails going back and forth). I love that the scarf comes wrapped in tissue paper and with lilac ribbon along with a Helay sticker. (You might be able to tell that I love pretty packaging) =)

Onto the actual scarf. The Adora scarf is made of chiffon with a paisley and floral design, and has 3 layers of ruffles sewn onto one of the shorter ends. I love that the ruffles are all different designs and fabrics, with a layer of lace ruffles, a layer of the patterned chiffon scarf and the final layer in a simple patterned cream colour.

One of the long sides is overlocked, but not roll-hemmed, unlike the other three (as seen above) and this is great for those who like to fold the scarf a little before wearing it. I simply use the roll hemmed edge and wrap around. The fabric is sheer and quite slippery which means that I have to wear a full tube underscarf with it in order to cover my hair and make sure it stays in place. Also, I found the width to be a bit small in order for me to get my usual amount if coverage at the front, although it makes up for this with the long length. This means that by adjusting how I wear my hijab (draping the scarf more at the front when wrapping around the head for the second time) I can get the coverage that I want.

worn with a lace headband to compliment the lace ruffles

plenty of coverage at the back

I think this will be a great scarf for the summer as the actual scarf is very light, with the ruffles being quite heavy (which also means that the end of the scarf won't blow away) and I would wear this scarf when going out for an occasion, meeting up with friends, or going out for a meal. Would be perfect on a warm Summer evening, paired with a simple abaya/maxi dress and a few bangles.

You can check out the Helay facebook page here =)

Which of their designs is your favourite?



  1. Wow, great thorough product review! I really enjoyed it. Think the scarf is nice however the size is not generous enough for how I wear my hijabs. I heard about helay products on another blog this is very thorough and the pictures are great. I love the fact that we are getting some interesting handmade designers for hijabs.

    Inshllah I am going to be one of them one day!

    1. The scarf is narrow compared to standard hijabs, but I found that by adapting the style easily provided me with more coverage =) I definitely agree that there are some great handmade hijabs available and it's great to have a hijab which is not the same as everyone else =D

      inshaAllah I look forward to seeing your hijab collection in the future! =)


  2. really lovely! that print is yummy lady!! xxx
    bea @ beabarella.blogspot.com


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