Hijabi Tip: Earrings

As a hijabi, it's pretty difficult to wear earrings when your scarf has to cover your ears. Luckily, there are some great hijab tutorials where you can wear earrings and keep your ears covered. I love these styles for special occasions, such as weddings and for Eid. Check them out below =)

Alz786uk - Hijab Tutorial/Style with Earrings

Marafy- Back to School Hijab Tutorial

Sabrina from Slice of Lemon

Amenakin's Hoojab tutorial for earrings, glasses and stethoscope (can also be adapted to a regular hijab)

Or, if you don't really like wearing earrings, turn them into hijab pins by attaching them onto a stick pin with a jumpring =)

If anyone else has links to tutorials for hijab styles with earrings, then link them in the comments below and I'll update this post regularly inshaAllah =)



  1. Thanks for the uploads. I like the found the first video very helpul!!! :)


    1. Gald you found it useful! I find that they are all similar styles and quite easily adaptable in terms of the length of the scarf, pins, accessories etc. =)

  2. assalamualeikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu! cute! would be great for an all-sisters gathering, if you're having a bad hair day :P

    1. WaAlaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! Definitely would be great for an all sister's gathering (and the style can be worn so that the ear is not covered, if that's more comfortable) =) And bad hair days always come around at the wrong time, but bad hijab days are a lot worse in my opinion =/


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