Project 10 Pan: Take II #1

So I'm starting project 10 pan again and hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll actually stick to not buying anything (until I'm at least half way through!).

First product to have been used up is the Softlips French Vanilla lipbalm. I'm currently on a mission to use up some of my lipbalms as I have way too many (see my lipbalm collection here) and this is the first to have been finished. I actually quite liked this lipbalm as it moisturised my lips, making them soft and smooth. I liked that the vanilla scent was not overpowering. Also love the compact tube packaging which makes it perfect to fit into the smallest bag possible (or a pocket), and the fact that it is pink! I may repurchase once P10P is over but that depends on how many lipbalms I have managed to use up.

Who else is doing/going to start a project 10 pan? Let me know =)



  1. I've got too many products yet they're not getting used at all, think I might need to do this too!

    1. It's a great way of making sure that products are being used up. And you have to make an effort not to buy anything until it's finished (which I failed the first time around). Hopefully I'll actually not buy anything until the 10th product is finished =)


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