Sale shopping haul

So this year, I didn't go to the boxing day sales on the 26th December but waited a few days before braving the crowds. I managed to pick up some great bargains which I'll be able to use regularly (no random purchases!).

First of all I managed to find a pair of wedge heel boots! These are from Barratts and had been reduced to £20 from £42. I chose the brown pair, as I wear quite a bit of brown/neutral colours and I already have a pair of black boots.

Next on my list of purchases is a pair of grey fingerless gloves from New Look. I chose these as they allow me to use my phone and still keep my hands warm. I also picked up a long necklace from New Look which was on sale at £3. I love long necklaces as they can be worn with a hijab and be seen. Also the pink and antique gold colours work well together and I can see myself wearing this necklace a lot. I didn't really find much in Primark, however picked up a necklace for £1, which I am going to take apart and upcycle into a bag charm. I think it'll look great on one of the empty D rings on my bag (which are there for attaching the longer strap).

I did manage to pick up a Philosophy 3in1 shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel. The Christmas gift sets are currently half price in Boots, and I found this miniature tree ornament on the shelves. This particular one is Snow Angel and I look forward to using it. Lastly, I went into Lush and picked up the Snow Fairy lip tint which smells like bubblegum and is exactly like their most well known Christmas product, the Snow Fairy shower gel . This product is great as it adds a slight pink tint to the lips (even though it's really bright in the tin!) and is pretty moisturising. I ordered a few more lip tints via mail order (another Snow Fairy and two of Celebrate), one of which I am going to include in a friend's birthday present (a sort of introduction to Lush). I also picked up the Snow Fairy gift set as part of her birthday present as well (not pictured) =)

I'm still on the look out for dresses and cardigans/jackets, so my sale shopping is not completely over!

What have you picked up in the sales this year?



  1. love those boots ! it takes me forever to find a good pair in my size lool and i was told i'm a brown lover without even realising it too lool
    Defo going to check out Barratts shoe collection now.
    Don't forget to hit up H&M & loving those gloves :)

  2. @Making it happen =D the boots look awesome underneath an abaya but because I don't wear heels, it's taking a bit of time to get used to wearing them. No pain no gain I suppose =/

    Definitely gonna be popping into H&M for my cardigans =)


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