in my dreams I

Products which I would love to own/wear/use. Alas such things only exist in my dreams.

The Butterfly Chiffon Jalabiya with hand embroidery ($183.00). Love the colour, the embellishments and would be perfect to wear for an occasion (layer over a long sleeve top/wear arm covers in the presence of non-mahram). Best worn at a women's only gathering to show off the embroidery, which would otherwise be covered by hijab (unless the hijab is tucked in/worn differently) =)



  1. Nice embroidery!
    I can do this hand embroidery only in 50$, you can contact me if you want to have something like this...if u would afford 50$ :)

  2. @ Creative Mind - Thank you for the offer =) Unfortunately I have too many clothes which I need to wear more so this piece will likely remain in my dreams. Also, I don't have an occassion (at the present moment) to wear such an outfit to =)

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