E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Pencils [review]

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Last month I ordered the studio matte lip pencils during the E.L.F cosmetics 50% off sale. Since then I have used both of them and decided to share my thoughts here =) I ordered two of the four shades available, in Praline and Tea Rose.

(one swipe of each)

The texture of the pencils is soft, but not so soft that it just melts. You would generally expect from most matte products that they would be drying, and these pencils (while I wouldn't call them moisturising) don't dry out the lips very much. I tend to use these under a layer of lip balm (which defeats the matte effect), but it helps the colour to 'spread' more evenly. I have to say that I definitely use Praline more than Tea Rose, as it's the colour which is closest to my natural lip colour, whereas tea rose doesn't work so well with my skin tone. I do recommend these pencils as they are so easy to use, either as a lip liner or for all over colour (as I use it), there really isn't a special technique to it (and they are cheap at £3.50).

Have you tried the E.L.F. matte lip pencils? What do you think?



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