Project 10 Pan

In an attempt to use up makeup and skincare products that I already own, I am starting a project 10 pan. I'll be documenting my progress on the blog, and i'm hoping it'll be successful. It's a way to stop me from buying more skincare and makeup products and use up what I already have. (and then treat myself after using up 10 products).

Anyone attempting Project 10 pan? or something similar?
Let me know in the comments =)



  1. I'm not doing a project 10 pan. I'm just trying to use up as much of my stash as possible. :) x

  2. I thought to do that, but actually giving it a name somehow motivates me more (don't know why though). I'm hoping I don't get tempted into buying more makeup (with all the Christmas offers and the new MAC store at Westfield) =)


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