Sephora Valencia Haul

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I didn't really get to buy many beauty products from Sephora thanks to the liquid restrictions for hand luggage, but I did manage to pick up a few items to try.

I love the Sephora Smart Liner which I picked it up in Dubai and it's my go-to eyeliner, so I had to get a back up for when my current one is finished. The liner is a true black shade and has a slight sheen once dried. The shape is really the selling point, because it's small and really comfortable to hold and use (especially as I use a hand held mirror to apply my makeup) making the application of eyeliner really easy.

I also picked up a selection of Sephora Fiber Sheet Masks from the store. I like using these masks on days when I don't have time to apply a cream or clay based mask. These are really simple and easy to use, as the mask only needs to be unfolded and laid over the face. There is a wide range available in the fiber masks, for the whole face as well as for use under the eyes. I'm looking forward to trying these out over the next few weeks.

At checkout I also got a Sephora blusher sample and miniature Clarins eye contour gel. Even though I didn't buy a lot, I now have a good idea for what I'll be putting on the shopping list for my next trip to Sephora (whenever that may be) =)



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