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I've always been a crafter and have scrapbooked in some form or another since I was at secondary school. At the end of last year, I promised myself that I would try out Project Life as a way to record my photos and memories. I knew that scrapbooking a double page for every month would be realistic for me and something that I could easily do in my free time (whenever I'm not planning lessons or writing up assignments). So far, I've nearly finished a double page layout for March, with a separate double page layout for my residential trip to Wales, and I'm collecting photos for the April pages.

March - Wales trip still needs journaling =)

Double page for January (seemed to have cut off the left edge)

Project Life really is scrapbooking simplified. All I do it add the photos that I want printed to an album on Snapfish, and at the end of the month I'm ready to order the prints that I want to include. I use Snapfish to print my photo's as I can easily upload the pictures from my phone to the album using the app, create individual albums for each month, take advantage of the free prints they offer every month (so I only end up paying P&P) and just wait until they arrive through the post. I find that this helps a lot as I don't need to faff around with the printer at home or try different websites.

Haul of scrapbooking goodies!

I also don't use a whole Project Life Core Card kit. This is simply because there are too many pretty designs all in different kits, and I can't really afford £20-£30 on one kit (especially on a student budget), so I buy the Core Kit Samplers from the Hey Little Magpie online store. It means that I can pick and choose different 'mini' sets to use in my layouts, which is great because I love mixing and matching the different designs. I know it doesn't seem very cost effective, but I would never be able to use all 600+ cards from one of the core collection kit in my scrapbook. I also mix and match my cards with other brands, and use these calendar cards as a way to highlight the month that's being scrapbooked over the pages. Just cut up the individual months and pop them in one of the pockets. I know some Scrapbookers like to have a theme throughout their album, but I'm definitely not one of them =)

The opening page of my scrapbook features these two cards.

Over the past few years, I've collected a bit too many scrapbooking supplies, but with Project Life they really aren't needed as the design and layout is so simple and easy to do (although I do like to get creative by adding some sparkle and embellishments).

How do you record your photos and memories? Ever tried scrapbooking?


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